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Zodiac Signs That Are Compatible With Taurus

By Mysticsense
March 09, 2022
Zodiac Signs That Are Compatible With Taurus
Zodiac Signs That Are Compatible With Taurus

Taureans are loveable, loyal and stubborn individuals. They absolutely adore decadence and luxury, but even more so in the context of their home. Stability and affection are some of the main characteristics Taurus looks for in a relationship, with acts of service and words of affirmation being their primary love language.

If you are planning on dating a Taurean, you will want to have your finances in check, as financial stability is non-negotiable for this sign. While communicating grievances with their partner may be a struggle for this sign, with a little care and prompting, you can get a Taurean to open up to you in no time. 

Taurus Traits

Which Signs are the Best Matches for Taurus?

People born under the sign of Taurus have birthdays between April 20th and May 20th. Taurus belongs to the Earth element group in the Zodiac, alongside Virgo and Capricorn. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, this sign is particularly romantic, sensual and lucky with their finances.

Characterized by the bull, however, Taurus can be stubborn and set in their ways. Put simply, they are an eclectic mixture of sensitivity, passion and staunch lovers of home comforts. Taureans are a unique bunch, with many layers to uncover after first meeting.

Taureans are unashamed lovers of luxury. They are guided by money and opulence, opting for expensive vacations and designer clothing. Naturally, Taureans are some of the best dressed individuals in a room and take huge pride in the way they decorate their homes. As such, they have incredibly high standards and can be nitpicky about certain material items.

Taureans are not solely materialistic people, though; they are fiercely loyal to their friends and family, choosing to spend time with loved ones rather than impressing new or potential acquaintances. They also manage to possess a high-class attitude without falling into social climber territory. Taureans are some of the most genuine and loving people you will ever come across.

Understanding Taurus in Relationships

Which Signs are the Best Matches for Taurus?

In both platonic and romantic relationships, Taureans are intense and passionate people. They make fantastic friends and lovers, and possess both unique quirks and character traits. Zodiac signs that are compatible with Taurus are in for a treat with a Taurean partner.

Taurus Friendships

Taurus make particularly special friends. They are dependable, loyal and will always have your back. Taureans also have an elite sense of humor and can make light of difficult situations to keep a positive morale in a friendship group.

Not only this, but Taurus’ love for opulence makes celebrating milestones incredibly fun with this sign; birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and any other important occasion will feel just that extra bit special with the intervention of a Taurus. In sum, there is never a dull moment to be had with a Taurus as they manage to inject glamour and excitement into everyday life.

That being said, Taureans are stubborn folk. Although they won't fly off the handle or react explosively when offended by a friend, Taureans are likely to take careless comments to the grave. This sign is the Commander-in-Chief of forgiving but not forgetting.

Taurus Love Life

At the end of the day, love is the center of a Taurean’s life. They LOVE to be in love, and their heart is forever guided by romance. They love the theatrics of being in a relationship, from candlelit dinners, to bouquets of flowers and long walks on the beach hand-in-hand.

With that being said, Taureans are certainly not a cheap date; their love of luxury extends deep into their love lives, so any prospective partner needs to be aware of this before jumping into a relationship with a Taurus. As Taurus admires financial stability so highly, this is also why they love extravagant courting rituals. 

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman in Love

Which Signs are the Best Matches for Taurus?

There are subtle differences that exist between a Taurus man and a Taurus woman in their approach to relationships. The way that typically Taurean traits manifest differ when masculine and feminine energy are factored into the picture. Outlined below are descriptions of the typical Taurus male and Taurus female when it comes to dating and relationships.

Taurus Man in Love Traits

A Taurus man may take a little time to warm up in a relationship, but once he has, he will be one of the most loyal and loving men you will ever have dated. He shows his love through being protective and caring, so expect a touch of anxiety if you are to go on a long trip or partake in daring activities.

A Taurus man’s best match is someone he can spend an evening curled up with on the sofa, eating good food and watching a movie. He certainly enjoys the finer things in life too, but more often in the context of the home and within his personal possessions. 

However, sometimes a Taurus man can be a little possessive of his partner. He is not a malicious man and does not wish to hurt his lover, but he can sometimes fail to see how his over-protectiveness can come across in a negative light at times. He is stubborn, for sure, but willing to listen to his partner’s grievances with respect and care. So, while dating a Taurus man may have its challenges, understanding a Taurus man is a pretty simple game. 

Taurus Woman in Love Traits

Which Signs are the Best Matches for Taurus?

The best match for a Taurus woman is a partner who is reliable and down to earth. Of course, these are hallmarks of any good person, but security and stability is so important for a Taurus girl in love. She can be anxious at times, and needs regular reassurance of her partner’s affections towards her, so any person who can provide this is a keeper in her eyes.

With this in mind, though, a Taurean woman is known to start petty arguments with her partner if she feels hurt. She may struggle to approach the issue head on, but it won’t take long for her lover to uncover the root cause of her attitude change. 

Not only this, but Taurean women are the more extravagant of the two. She could be adorned with gifts, flowers and chocolates all day if her partner would allow it, but she will always accept these offerings with bounds of gratitude. Yes, a Taurean woman is materialistic in love, but above all else, she is authentic and caring. 

Attracting a Taurus Man

If a Taurus man has piqued your interest, there are a few things you may want to remember in order to earn his affections. Firstly, Taurus men love a chase. As very lucky people, they are used to having their wishes handed to them on a plate, so when a partner makes the game a little more challenging, this is sure to get a Taurus man’s heart racing.

Secondly, a Taurus man loves to see that he and a partner share a mutual love in life’s home comforts - anyone who has a knack for cooking will have a Taurus man falling in love in no time at all. The old saying that ‘food is the key to a man’s heart’ could not be more true when it comes to the Taurus male.

Attracting a Taurus Woman

Many people who are interested in a Taurus woman give up after being stuck in the friend zone for a long time. Only those that persevere through this (frustrating) initial stage will succeed in the long run. Taurus women don’t let their walls down easily, but after showing plenty of sincerity and good intention, you will soon feel the endless love they exude.

Not only this, but the best match for a Taurus female is someone who can say no to her. Although this will rile her at times, she will find this a refreshing change and respect this sense of authority. 

Taurus Relationship Compatibility

Which Signs are the Best Matches for Taurus?

By this point, you will have probably gathered that Taureans are intense lovers with fairly high expectations. Therefore, for some signs in the Zodiac, a relationship with a Taurus will be a thrilling, passionate experience.

For other signs, however, they may view Taurean lovers as high maintenance or shallow. Outlined below are some notable matches between Taurus and other signs in the Zodiac.

Aries and Taurus Couples

Is Aries and Taurus a good match? While both Aries and Taurus love passion and excitement in a relationship, Taurus and Aries couples are probably not destined for greatness overall.

As Aries is bold and brash, bordering on untamable, and Taurus exudes a slower pace about life, it is unlikely these two signs will see eye-to-eye. Not only this, but Aries will jump at any opportunity to push their Taurus lover out of their comfort zone. This will only frustrate Taurus and leave Aries feeling disappointed. 

Leo and Taurus Couples

Both Leo and Taurus are stubborn creatures. Both signs have a fairly fixed outlook on life, with set ideas about the things they like and dislike. Leo is care-free, adventurous and the life and soul of the party, while Taurus far prefers a home-body lifestyle and couldn’t care less about conforming to social politics.

They are similar in their bluntness, meaning there is likely a lot of admiration between Taurus and Leo couples, but in terms of compatibility, these two are probably not best suited together.

Libra and Taurus Couples

While Taurus and Libra love compatibility is not groundbreaking by any means, these two do make an interesting couple. Sure, Taurus will find Libra’s flighty, changeable approach to life to be unappealing, but Taurus will secretly admire their light-hearted energy.

Similarly, Libra will find Taurus to be too serious at times, but may deep-down wish to possess the same level of self-assurance as their partner. Despite their admiration for each other, these two are probably best left in the friend-zone.

Scorpio and Taurus Couples

Do Taurus and Scorpio match? As opposite signs in the Zodiac, Scorpio and Taurus lovers share a deep, intense and complex connection. Scorpio is certainly one of the Zodiac signs that are compatible with Taurus.

As a couple, they understand each other on a far deeper level than most, alongside being incredibly sexually compatible. These two make a fiery and passionate duo for sure.

Taurus and Taurus Couples

Often, when two of the same signs come together in a relationship, it can go either extremely well or be a complete nightmare. In terms of Taurus and Taurus love compatibility, the same is also true.

When two Taureans are together, their downfalls become magnified; they are stubborn and can only ever reach a stalemate in an argument. However, Taurus’ best qualities are amplified when they come together in a partnership; you can expect endless affection, words of reassurance and romantic date nights to keep the relationship alive.

Capricorn and Taurus Couples

As two Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn love compatibility is off the charts. They both share a mutual appreciation for the simple pleasures of life and favor comfort over pretence. Also, as financial stability is so important for Taurus, and Capricorn is an unadulterated workaholic, a Taurus and Capricorn match is a match made in heaven!

Being one of the Zodiac signs that are compatible with Taurus, Capricorns have the ability to maintain a relationship with Taurus for a very long time.

Are you Compatible with a Taurus?

Every sign in the Zodiac has its fair share of charm and misgivings. Taureans are no different, although their staunch loyalty and endless affection make them stand out as especially wonderful friends and lovers.

Some Zodiac signs that are compatible with Taurus will be in the context of a platonic relationship, while others can create an unbreakable connection with Taurus through lust and romance. Whatever direction you personally choose, you can be sure that you will want a Taurus in your life in some shape or form!

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