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Mutable Signs Explained: Your Cosmic Guide

By Mysticsense
May 23, 2023
Mutable Signs Explained: Your Cosmic Guide
Mutable Signs Explained: Your Cosmic Guide

So, you’re well acquainted with your sun sign, you’re getting to know your moon sign, and your rising sign has turned everything on its head. Let’s take it a step further, and introduce the modalities.

In Western astrology, there are three modalities – cardinal, mutable, and fixed. They serve to further divide up the 12 zodiac signs, and describe whereabouts each sign falls in their season; the beginning, middle, or the end.

Getting to grips with modalities can help you understand each zodiac sign’s personality, general vibe, and compatibility with others, on a deeper and more complex level. In this article, we’re taking a dive into mutable signs, the philosophers of the zodiac!

What are the four mutable signs?

The four mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Notice anything these signs have in common? Well, they all mark the end of their season, the close of a natural cycle that not only effects nature, but our fates, too. Gemini’s season begins as spring ends, Virgo’s as summer ends, Sagittarius’ as autumn ends, and Pisces’ as winter ends.

What does being a mutable sign mean?

Being a mutable sign means that you’re highly adaptable to change, and are able to help others prepare for it, too. Marking the end of the seasons, mutable signs are well acquainted with change, and have the ability to be flexible and open-minded in all kinds of situations that might catch any other sign completely off-guard.

Mutable signs are known to go with the flow, and are accepting of life’s unexpected twists and turn, taking them in their stride. If you have a mutable sign in your friendship group, they’re probably the ‘chilled’ friend, the one who talks everyone down from panic when disaster strikes, and makes the mountain look more like a molehill.

Philosophical to the core, these deep thinkers aren’t as decisive as others. They prefer to wait until all the information is presented, seeing the topic from all possible sides, before taking a stance. Yet, once they appear to have come to a decision, they’re always open to changing the mind (an annoying trait to some, but a perfect quality to others).

It’s important to note the planets that rule the four mutable signs. Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, and Jupiter rules Sagittarius, with sway over Pisces.

Mercury takes its name from the Roman god Mercurius, the god of commerce, communication, and a mediation between other gods and earthly mortals. It’s the smallest planets in the solar system, renowned for its ingenuity, whimsicality, and changeable nature. 

Jupiter, on the other hand, is the largest planet in our solar system. It was named after the King of the Gods, and is the ruler of knowledge, good luck, philosophical thinking, and fruitfulness. Everything about Jupiter’s energy is expansive.

Both signs need each other to balance each other out, and compliment each other – Mercury is micro, Jupiter is macro. Working together, they can reach truly awe-inspiring heights of wisdom.

The four mutable signs, and their personalities

Although they share a modality, the four mutable signs have their own unique personality traits to take into account. Here’s a brief summer of each sign to get you on familiar terms:


Dates: 21st May to 20th June

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: Twins

Geminis are very social creatures and, armed with their quick wit, talkative nature, and energetic vibe, they’re able to command a social circle with ease. However talented they are at mediating and smoothing ruffled feathers, they’re equally talented at ruffling them in the first place. 

The celestial symbol of the Twins represents their high levels of adaptability. So much so, that it can, at times, seem as though they behave as two completely different people. With double the personality comes twice the energy levels, Geminis are constantly thinking, learning, planning, and doing so much that it’s hard to pin them down for long

Sometimes accused of being dishonest, and, indeed, some Geminis can be, it’s important to note that every zodiac sign has its bad stereotypes. It doesn’t mean that the those stereotypes are true of every individual under that sign.


Dates: 23rd August to 22nd September

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Maiden

This intellectual sign is always learning and hustling, and with a very keen eye for detail, that some might read as perfectionism, and they’d probably be right. Whether they’re at home, at work, or with friends, a Virgo will make sure everything is in its proper place, and running according to plan. 

Mostly, Virgos are known for being the modest and reserved type, preferring to take a back seat and ensure that the atmosphere creates a feeling of safety, intention, and peace. If not, they’re prone to making a swift exit at the most convenient opportunity.

Smart and ambitious, a Virgo is likely to put their career, or project of the moment, first and succeed at it, too. But this brainy sign also has the capacity to channel that same energy into the caring for their family and loved ones in their own unique way.


Dates: 22nd November to 21st December

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Symbol:  The Archer

Sagittarians are full of energy, laughter, and confidence. In social situations, they possess a magnetic quality that draws people to them, and often makes them the centre of attention. Known for their lack of a ‘social filter’, others can sometimes perceive them as rude or confrontational. But, a Sagittarius is a spontaneous soul who always speaks their mind, especially in situations where others won’t. 

Sagittarius is of the Ninth House of Adventure and Learning, a house concerned with intellect and philosophical thought, as well as the need for new experiences and risk-taking.

They love to feel free, in the truest sense of the word, and push back against constraints, rules, and schedules, instead letting their impulses move them through the world. 

However, on the reverse side of this quality, Sagittarius’ are notorious for the seeming inability to commit to relationships, for fear of being tied down and having to compromise for a partner's needs.


Dates: 12th February to 20th March

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Neptune/Jupiter

Symbol: The Fish

Known for their dreamy and intuitive nature, Pisces individuals are often described as compassionate, imaginative, and sensitive. They have a deep emotional understanding of others, making them empathetic and supportive friends.

Pisces are natural-born artists and daydreamers, with a strong creative streak running through their veins. They possess a vivid imagination that allows them to explore different realms of reality, often finding solace in music, art, or writing. Their compassionate nature extends beyond their immediate circle, as they are often driven to help those in need and fight for social causes.

However, Pisces can also be prone to mood swings and indecisiveness. They can easily absorb the emotions of others, which may sometimes overwhelm them. Pisces folk tend to retreat into their own inner world when faced with difficulties, seeking solace in solitude.

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