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Astrological Love Sign Compatibilities

By Mysticsense
March 01, 2021
Astrological Love Sign Compatibilities
Astrological Love Sign Compatibilities

When looking for love it can be daunting, who do you want as a partner, and who is compatible with your personality? It’s easy to start looking for love in the wrong places, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly. Long term relationships are built on bonds of similar core values and traits, people can be swayed by money or material possessions when finding partners, which can end in disaster. 

Anyone can fall in love regardless of their sun signs, but utilizing astrology to help understand who you need as a partner means you can narrow your search when finding a partner. To find your own true traits and values, look no further than the stars. Zodiac compatibility is a useful tool in finding those who are compatible with your personality. The elemental groups also help to guide this process, with certain groups being more compatible than others. Astrological love isn’t always a perfect match every time, but it can help you make a more informed decision when finding partners. 

Element Sign Compatibility

Each zodiac sign has an elemental group, these consist of water, air, earth and fire. The elemental groups house 3 different zodiac signs each, with traits that will span across the 3 zodiacs within. For instance, the water element signs as known to be more sensitive and in tune with their psychic abilities than the fire signs. Knowing which element group your zodiac sign belongs to makes it easier to find similar zodiac signs for a high compatibility in love.

Most elements do get on better with those in their own groups, for example water signs pairs together make a great couple as they understand each other well. However, each elemental group also has another element they are highly compatible with, so if your lover or partner isn’t in your elemental group don’t worry, there are more ways than matching elements to be compatible.

Fire Sign Compatibility 

Fire elements consist of the three zodiacs being the most fiery, true to their namesake. Aries, Sagittarius and Leo complete the fire element group and share lots of different traits, however they're most known for their temper. These zodiacs can hold their own in arguments and are very stubborn people, believing they know what's best for themselves and everyone else. Having these traits isn’t a bad thing, they’re confident people with a lust for leadership. It’s only when pushed too far that a fire sign will unleash their tempers.

Fire signs are most compatible with other fire signs, as most elemental groups are. However, they are also equally compatible with Air signs. The Air sign group is the most communicative of the signs, which make them compatible for love relationships with fire signs. An Air sign can talk round a fire sign with ease and understands their fiery passion, seeing it as a positive trait. Fire signs like to feel their love rather than discuss it, which makes an air sign the perfect compatibility for them, as they also live for the passion and lust in sexual relationships.

These two groups also inspire one another in life to achieve personal and professional goals, making them a force to be reckoned with. If the relationship is a balanced one, this can be the most passionate of all compatibility within the zodiacs. 

Water Sign Compatibility

Water signs consist of Scorpios, Pisces and Cancers’ the most sensitive of all Zodiac signs. However, this sensitive side is not to be confused with weakness as they are strong people, but they do let their emotions rule them more than most other elements

Scorpios are often confused with being a fire sign due to their passionate temper. Scorpios tend to go about their rage or anger differently than Fire signs, which sits them within the water group accurately. 

Cancer and Pisces signs are seen as the sensitive, emotional zodiacs within the 12. This means they’re often perfect communicators of their feelings in relationships and love, which make them compatible with Earth signs. Earth signs are grounded signs and are very honest people, they are straight forward talkers which pairs well with Water signs as they like to be told how their partner feels and thinks. This eliminates any room for overthinking, another trait across the water sign group.

Air Sign Compatibility

Air signs are known as the most as the most free and open of the zodiacs. Consisting of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius signs. They love deep analysis in life, and although they are carefree creatures, it’s easy to miss how analytical and deep they can be when it comes to people and relationships. Communication is key with air signs, and they are the most coherent with it. Ideal for partners in love who may find it difficult to open up, Air signs show they are trustworthy and appreciate open dialogue with loved ones.

For the perfect compatibility, an air sign zodiac will find the best relationship with a fire sign. The key to this relationship is balance, as fire signs are very open with their feelings too, however it must be done in a way that the air sign zodiacs will respond to. 

Air signs don’t like the burden of pleasing others, they exist to make themselves live as comfortably as possible, even if this means being alone. However, as they are great communicators this is perfect for the Fire signs they are compatible with, as fire signs appreciate the honesty and won’t take it too sensitively if their partner wants alone time.

Earth Sign Compatibility

Earth signs are the most grounded of the elements, consisting of the zodiac signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. They’re loyal people with lots of time for the right people, however can sometimes slip into a stubborn nature similar to fire signs. This makes the perfect compatibility for them within the elements to be those belonging to the water element group. 

Earth and water go together in nature perfectly, growing together and helping one another. Without each other plants and most systems in nature would not exist, they are integral to the plant and one another which makes them so compatible. Water signs help earth signs grow and flourish in life and relationships. 

Earth signs love the finer things in life, which sometimes can be seen as snobbery. However, Water signs don’t see this as a negative at all, they are loyal to their partners and will enjoy the finer things with them.

Top Compatibility Zodiac Signs

Zodiac sign compatibility is dependent on lots of factors, elemental groups as previously mentioned, if they possess the traits within their signs or if they are mutable, fixed or cardinal signs. Plenty of combinations within the zodiac work well, however there are some which are the most compatible signs and their relationships will be the most passionate and loving.

Taurus and Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorns are both on the exact same wavelength in life, when it comes to the elements that make up a high compatible relationship, then these two have them all. They are both part of the earth element group, and this makes for a strong emotional bond with open communication. A Taurus will always lend an ear to listen and help when a Capricorn is concerned.

Both signs approach life in a very practical sense, with logic and common sense being at the forefront of everything they do. This is particularly helpful when planning trips together, or even in everyday household activities, when it comes to the mundane like cleaning or tidying the house, they work as a team always.

Leo and Gemini

Leos and Geminis are a great high compatibility match as they both are known for their high intensity with sexual and love relationships. They are great partners to one another as Geminis are creative, with grand ideas about how to make things the best they can be and a Leo will always help support and lead the way putting these ideas into reality. 

Both signs love being social and can mirror each other positively, this is handy when it comes to being at parties or gatherings together. No one will feel left out or need babysitting by their partner. Which means they can both thrive in social circles, this is a pivotal part of both a Leo and Geminis personality.

Leos do value loyalty above all else, they love attention but are not fickle creatures. Geminis need to keep in mind they can’t gossip or backstab a Leo, as this will not be forgotten. Leos are fire signs so when they are crossed it can make for a nasty argument and the end of a relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpios and Cancer highly compatible in both friendships and love matches. Whilst a Scorpio is very intense, Cancers are more sensitive and can balance out the depth of a Scorpio to bring emotional fun to either life.

This couple will bring out the darkest sides within their sexual relationships, making each other feel comfortable and safe in the bedroom. The sexual side of a Cancer and Scorpio relationship is one of the reasons they thrive, they both thrive for intimacy and to feel like their partner is loyal to them and them only. 

Although this relationship can be a high compatibility, like any other relationship, it can also be terrible if they don’t open up to each other and get obsessed with one another’s lives. As mentioned, both signs can be quite sensitive, being from the water elements group it’s sometimes a burden. However, if each partner is ready to make sure their significant other is happy, then it can be a very emotionally loving and sexual relationship.

Sagittarius and Pisces 

Fire and water signs are not often considered compatible in the realms of elements, however Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs make a highly compatible couple. They balance each other out emotionally, with Sagittarius being quite hard-headed and fiery, a sensitive Pisces can help them become a calmer person. Pisces can use their sensitive emotions to communicate clearly with a Sagittarius and bring them back down in their temperament.

These signs are both very empathetic people and can sense how others are feeling in their relationships, this makes for a great compatibility score when it comes to communication and sex life. The passion between these two signs will be high and lead to a loving, sensual relationship.

Aries and Virgo 

Aries are very spontaneous people, contrasting against a Virgos need to plan and have every detail mapped out. However, if they are willing to communicate with one another in a relationship, this can make for a very compatible combination. An Aries will think of the wonders of each trip or holiday, whilst their Virgo partner can plan it out to their heart's content. Once they take on the world together, they cannot be stopped.

It’s hard to see sometimes how such a spontaneous Aries & a Virgo can be together, this can always have a chance of going wrong. Especially since a Virgo often keeps themselves grounded during arguments or discussions, whereas Aries do have a tendency to show their fiery temper. This can make a Virgo turn off in a second, once people lose control they don’t enjoy their company. However, if they are both willing to communicate to one another whilst considering each other’s needs when they disagree, it can be a fiery, loving companionship.

Aquarius and Libra 

Libra and Aquarius signs are naturally a compatible pair, they both belong to the air sign element which means they are similar from the beginning. Both these signs love an intelligent partner to keep them stimulated, even though Libras and Aquarius are carefree spirits, they do still delve deep into the analytical side of life.

In the bedroom, these signs are communicative and broaden each other's horizons. They strive to please one another, not down to their own egos, but because they want their partner to feel loved and cared for. 

Truth is a big deal to both of these signs, like any relationship it can go sour when one person begins to break the trust they had for each other. Aquarius signs need honest communication to live happily, they don’t appreciate the frills and little white lies some other signs may not mind. This means a Libra will need to refrain from withdrawing from this communication style and keep their partner in the loop.

Low Compatibility Zodiac Signs

There are signs that are considered low compatibility, this maybe due to the personality traits clashing. Most signs can find common ground with one another, no mater their traits, however some are less likely to make it in a positive relationship than others. 

Aquarius and Cancer

People often assume that Aquarius and Cancers are similar as they are part of the same element group, but they actually are in different groups. People often confuse Aquarius signs for being a part of the water element group, they actually air. Cancers are sensitive people who may need reassurance from their partners, which they won’t get from an Aquarius.

Aquarians need their freedom, and although Cancers understand their partners needs, it is too difficult for them to understand why Aquarians want to spend time away from them. It’s a communication issue within this relationship that will cause a breakdown with them. 

Leo and Capricorns

Capricorns love a routine, and they work hard, some might say they are workaholics. Leos are the opposite, they know what they need to do to get to the places they want in life, but they don’t need a rigid structure, and it doesn’t help them thrive. Leo and Capricorn love matches make for a low compatibility relationship.

Leos can find Capricorns quite stifling, as they don’t like to plan everything to the last details. Much like Virgos, Capricorns find comfort in having things mapped out. In the wrong type of relationship, a Leo finds Capricorns to be a wet blanket and not very fun. 

Libra and Virgo

Libras struggle to find a common ground with Virgos, they are very carefree and don’t need as much structure in their lives, similar to Aquarians. Virgos are critical creatures and can often be too critical of others, whereas Libras like to celebrate and see the best in everyone. 

Virgos and Libras are low compatibility due to their morals and their goals in life differing hugely. Libras are happy in most situations as long as they can do what they need to do, as they are very independent people. 

They both have a sense for justice and being fair, however the way they go about righting their wrongs is very different, which causes breakdown. Often Libras will feel let down by Virgos as they critise their every move and thought in a bad relationship.

Astrology Compatibility Knowledge

Knowing your birth charts and zodiac signs does help to navigate relationships, especially with signs you may not been seen as compatible with. You can use zodiac signs, element groups and birth charts to learn what your partner needs from the relationship and how to make things work well.

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