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How to Say You’re Sorry

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
September 13, 2023
How to Say You’re Sorry
How to Say You’re Sorry

Everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes, the one making the mistake is ourselves. Sometimes, people we have hurt won’t tell us, but there will be signs. In these situations, all we can do is apologize for what we have done to the people that we love.

Do you really love a woman or man if you can’t admit that you’ve hurt them? If a man loves a woman, how will he behave when he has made a mistake in the relationship? Beyond romance, how do we treat friends we have upset, and what can we do about it when we realize we have done wrong? Read on to learn how to say you’re sorry.

What Does a Guilty Conscience Mean?

How to Say You’re Sorry

When you know you have done something wrong, and you feel bad for having done it, treat it as a positive sign. When you feel bad, it is called having a guilty conscience, and there are a few things you can do when this happens. You can ignore it, hoping people forget, and you can even flat out deny any wrongdoing whatsoever.

However, if you really love a woman, you’ll care about her feelings. Do you love a woman enough to admit when you messed up, and will you do what it takes to make things better? Then you should start by giving her an apology.

How To Tell if He’s Upset

How to Say You’re Sorry

First off, working out whether you need to give an apology to begin with may be based on your loved one’s behavior, rather than realizing that you made a mistake. Let’s look at why he won’t call, why he might go cold, and a sixth sense feeling.

He Won’t Call

Sometimes, people are busy, and they stop calling or coming to see you, but sometimes, they deliberately stop calling, and this might be because they are upset about something. The only way to find out why they stopped calling is to ask them why and ask if anything is wrong. Be prepared to learn that you did something that hurt them, and that you need to fix it. Asking is the only way to find this out.

He Goes Cold

Another way to tell if your male lover is upset is if he suddenly goes cold on you. This is an obvious sign that something isn’t right, especially if they were warm with you beforehand. Again, ask your loved one what is wrong, and be prepared to learn that it might be your fault.

Hopefully this is something you can work through easily together, with you acknowledging what went wrong and fixing it.

A Sixth Sense Feeling

The final way of realizing your male lover is upset is via a sixth sense feeling, where you might sense something is awry through the energy and telepathy you share together. Your loved one might be upset, even if they don’t appear to be showing it.

You want to ask them if something is wrong, but in the right way, trying to get them to open up. Assure them that you’re always there for them, anytime they want to talk about something. They may want a little space before being ready to talk, but when that time comes, make sure you’re willing to listen with an open heart.

Do You Love Them?

Think about how you feel about the person who says you hurt them. Do you love them? If you love them, then their feelings and maintaining the relationship should be more important than acting like you are right. Seeing somebody you hurt suffer, should hurt you deep down in your soul.

If you really don’t love someone, refusing to care about their feelings is a good sign of that. If you do love someone, if you are hesitant to accept that you were wrong, there is something to take into account.

What is Most Important?

How to Say You’re Sorry

Family may not just be blood relatives to you, but also close friends and your significant other. These are the people who we spend our days and lives in general with. When you lose a job, or grieve the loss of a loved one, these are the people who will open their arms and hearts to help be supportive as you get through the bad times. Some people will be with us for our whole lives from birth until death separates us, and others are newer friends, but are still people without whom life would not be as wonderful.

The thing you need to ask yourself is if acting like you are right is more important as if the feelings of the person who you love are. If you truly love somebody, their feelings will matter more than insisting you are right, and you will apologize to them.

What Not to Say

Sometimes, we want to give an apology because we don’t want the consequences for what we have done. We want to apologize to basically shush somebody we have hurt, and we want to shift the blame for what we have said or done onto the person we have hurt.

We should never apologize unless we mean it, and we need to remember that an apology is not for us, but for the person we hurt.

Learning How to Say You’re Sorry

An apology is basically admitting you were wrong, instead of saying you are sorry for what you did. Next, you should say you accept the consequences of what you did and ask what you can do to make things right. And then, finally, you should do what it takes to make things right! There are three key ways of how to show you’re sorry - own up to it, accept responsibility and make it up to them.

Own Up to It

Owning up to your mistake can often be the best way of saying you’re sorry, as this is usually what the other person wants from the situation. When you own up to something, ensure that you are clear with your explanation, as you’ll only have one opportunity to get this right.

If you don’t come across convincing during your apology, it’s probably going to go down badly with your loved one.

Accept Responsibility

Accepting responsibility is another great way of saying you’re sorry. If an action caused by you, resulted in your loved one being upset, even if you didn’t mean to upset them, accepting responsibility is a great way of winning back the love of your partner.

Each situation is different, however, so accepting responsibility might be in the form of paying for a new car battery or scrubbing a new carpet. Just be sure that the gesture you make to accept responsibility will go a long way to reversing the situation with your partner. Learning how to show you’re sorry in this way can be really important for the longevity of your relationship.

Make It Up to Them

If you make a mistake and upset your loved one, making it up to them is a fundamental way of demonstrating honesty and trustworthiness. This lets your loved one know that they can count on you moving forward.

Maybe you’ll do the same thing again, but not get it wrong, or maybe you’ll take them out for a romantic meal. Other ways of making it up to a loved one include making their life easier by offering to go out of your way to help them complete tough tasks. Nonetheless, find a way of making it up to your partner, and deliver it with the upmost meaning.

Asking For Help

How to Say You’re Sorry

When apologizing to a loved one, there is usually someone else you can talk to when you don’t know what to do. More often than not, a friend or family member who you respect can give you advice. It will be easier for them to give a detached opinion of whether you need to apologize or not because they are not directly involved.

We always recommend getting a third party opinion on these matters before taking action, as we regularly get caught up in our own trails of thought, potentially misjudging a situation.

Will Time Make It Better?

Although some people claim that time is a healer, and that if you wait it out, your actions will be forgiven, this isn’t always the case. Without saying sorry to your loved one, or making it up to them in any of the ways we’ve discussed today, there’s a chance that you’ll never be forgiven.

In order to grow as people, we have to learn to apologize, even if we think we are in the wrong. That way, you’ll be able to demonstrate your honesty and trustworthiness to your partner in the long run.


None of us are perfect, and not everything that goes wrong destroys relationships, thankfully. The longer you are in a relationship, the higher the chance of something going wrong.

We may have falling outs, or even arguments, and this is when learning how to say you’re sorry can be helpful. We may have to apologize to loved ones who previously apologized to us. Knowing when and how to say you’re sorry to somebody you love will help to keep you close together for life!

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