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Are You an Old Soul?

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
August 30, 2023
Are You an Old Soul?
Are You an Old Soul?

Many say that they feel like they have an Old Soul in a young body, and they can tell you that being an Old Soul is not something you can mistake for something else. So, what is an Old Soul, and how can you tell if you have one? In this detailed article, we explore New Soul vs. Old Soul, Old Soul struggles, Old Soul relationships and much more. Read on to become an expert on this interesting topic.

What is an Old Soul?

An Old Soul definition varies depending on who you ask. Some say the Old Soul definition is somebody who has lived many past lives while others insist that the definition of an Old Soul is somebody who has great spiritual enlightenment that seems unusual for somebody that young to have, but that it is not due to reincarnation. Some say it is due to a special relationship with a deity, and others say the child may be somehow blessed from birth to have an Old Soul. Having an Old Soul will define who you are all of your life.

Somebody who says “I have an Old Soul” can be intelligent, street smart, or wise in ways that people would assume they could not be because of their age.

Some young people who say “I am an Old Soul” will say that they had to grow up fast due to their parents pushing a lot of extra responsibility on them. How old your soul is may have nothing to do with your physical age and have everything to do with your experiences, whether they are from this life or past ones.

The Old Soul who you know and admire may be somebody whose wisdom is more academic, more spiritual, or they may have what is called high emotional intelligence. What are other things that differentiate between what is called an Old Soul and a Newer Soul?

New Soul vs Old Soul

Are You an Old Soul?

It has been said that people who have Newer Souls take longer to learn lessons than people who have Old Souls, who may have learned a lot in past lives that they somehow remember. People who have Old Souls can be less likely to keep toxic lifestyle cycles going, and they may be the first ones in their families to break free from abuse. Newer Souls may be more flexible to learn new things, however, try new foods, and change personal dress options as the fashions change.

Old Souls may be more set in their ways and less willing to listen to new music or modernize the technologies they use at home. Don’t be surprised if your Old Soul loved one still uses a refrigerator from decades ago and prefers vintage clothing to new clothes they find at the mall.

Because some Old Souls have had many past lives, they may be more likely to fall into roles like teachers or caretakers, automatically wanting to nurture and guide newer souls. They may be natural-born healers, instinctually knowing what needs to be done to help a life form find relief, and they may be able to communicate with animals effortlessly. People who have New Souls may be more drawn to careers where they are constantly on the move, gaining opportunities to move throughout the ranks of their companies, and experience a variety of job roles during the time they work.

People who have Old Souls can be more laid back, and content to stay on the same job or place of residence, whereas New Souls want to experience more mobility, see more new places, and experience more new things. This is not out of impatience, but because people with New Souls may not have been able to experience as much as Old Souls have, and they want the opportunity to see and do all the things Old Souls have probably had the chance to do in multiple lives before.

Old Soul Struggles

Are You an Old Soul?

People who have Old Souls are not just highly advanced individuals who bless people with their immense wisdom. They are people who have struggles just like everybody else. They may have trouble relating to people their age and have difficulties with finding people they feel can understand them. Furthermore, they might struggle with not being taken seriously even though they deserve to be, just because they are “too young to know all that” and they might find it difficult to relax and have fun like some people do.

Let’s explore some of the key Old Soul struggles.

Not Relating to Similarly-aged People

The first key Old Soul struggle is not relating to similarly-aged people. When you grow up, having meaningful relationships with people your own age is a big part of both your personal identity and socialization. People who are Old Souls might have a difficult time understanding people who are as young as they are, and may prefer the company of people who are their elders.

They might gravitate towards people old enough to be their parents or grandparents, and be considered odd or standoffish by their peers. Some Old Souls don’t care if their peers find them odd, and as long as they can socialize with who they prefer, they will be happy.

Difficulty Being Understood

It may be difficult for Old Souls to be understood by other people, and that can be both frustrating and isolating. It can be exhausting to constantly have to explain things to other people, and even more exhausting when no matter how much you explain, some people just don’t understand what you are telling them. Not only that, but it can make it difficult to connect with people and make you feel like you simply don’t belong anywhere. This can be extremely isolating.

Not Being Taken Seriously

Is there anything more frustrating than being underestimated by people who assume you don’t know what you actually do just because you are young? People who have Old Souls, whether it be due to experiencing an unusual number of things at a young age or because they remember things from multiple past lives, have an unusual amount of knowledge and wisdom and don’t necessarily seek to have their expertise validated, but if they do, it is understandable.

They know what they are talking about, and everybody else should listen, or else they will miss out on good information that is useful.

Difficulty Relaxing

It may be difficult for Old Souls to relax, “let down their hair” and just have a good time. Going out with a crowd and doing things that seem frivolous and shallow might be impossible for people who have Old Souls, and they might not even feel the need to go out to begin with.

They may feel better relaxing on their own or with their families at home, and some people may think they are not fun. It’s not that Old Souls don’t know how to have fun, it’s just that they have fun on their own terms and what is enjoyable to the crowd might not make them happy.

Old Soul Relationships

Are You an Old Soul?

Two Old Souls in a relationship will function differently with one another than New Souls will. Chances are the two Old Souls will participate in philanthropy together, spending their days off and holidays together doing volunteer work, trying to make the world a better place for others.

New Souls and Old Souls can have loving relationships together, for certain, it’s just that the relationships are just different. Relationships between New Souls and Old Souls may take more of a mentor/student format, with the person who is the Old Soul acting as a guide for the New Soul.

It has been said that Old Souls are less likely to embrace new technologies quickly, so their New Soul loved one can help them with that! The person who is a New Soul may be the one who encourages their Old Soul loved one to try new foods, go to new places, and basically experience newer things they are not used to. The Old Soul individual may be good at helping remind their loved one to be patient while they are establishing themselves in things like new careers, encouraging them to continue trying even if it feels like things are not developing in the way they would like them to.

People who have Old Souls may choose their partners very carefully, content to be alone instead of being with someone who they feel is not the right individual for them, and they may stay for life once they select who to be in a long-term relationship with.

It is believed by some that people who have Old Souls are sometimes okay with being on their own longer than people who have newer souls, and that they are not likely to become co-dependent even when they are in a relationship. Being alive for many lives or having attained wisdom early in life gives Old Souls a unique perspective on everything, relationships included.

Am I an Old Soul Quiz

What are the signs of having an Old Soul that can mean that you have one? These include naturally knowing things you have not learned in this life, having déjà vu or familiar feelings with things you have never experienced before, understanding that things change, and it does not bother you like it does most people, and you are highly spiritual from childhood. Ask yourself if you have any of these traits, and if you do, you might very well have an Old Soul.


Naturally, understanding things you have not been taught can certainly be a sign of being an Old Soul. Often, in past lives, we learn a lot and bring that information with us into new incarnations. We may not remember how the lesson was taught, we just learned it somehow. Some people have been known to instinctually have skills nobody taught them, like playing a musical instrument or riding horses, and people find this miraculous.

If you know things that you have never been taught, it is a clear sign you probably have an Old Soul.

Déjà Vu

Have you ever felt like you have been somewhere, or experienced something in this life before, but you actually haven’t? Chances are you did in a past life. Sometimes, we instinctively return to the places that we called home, and places where important things happened in past lives. If you find yourself gravitating towards places and or people that feel familiar, but you don’t know why, they were probably a part of a past life.

Sometimes we recognize people we knew in past incarnations, and we are brought back together with them, and sometimes the Universe brings us back to where we belonged before. These can all be signs you have an Old Soul.

Understanding Change

If you have a very strong understanding of the fact that things will change and sometimes there is nothing we can do about it, you might have an Old Soul. Impermanence is something we cannot control, and we can either move forward with things as they change, or we can be in denial and get left behind, dwelling on the past instead of living in the present as we move towards the future.

People with Old Souls have a natural understanding of the fact that change happens, and they are at peace with that. They can help people with newer souls accept change and adapt to it.

Highly Spiritual

People with Old Souls show natural, deep spirituality from a young age, and they often act as spiritual guides for other people. They know what they feel are the truths of the Universe, including who we are, where we are going, and also where we came from. Old Souls often give the answers spiritually in religious organizations, acting as clergy persons, but some of them are more spiritual than religious, and take no vows, serving no offices.

They have a natural bond with who they believe is their god or goddess, and their spiritual beliefs govern the way they lead their lives. They typically embrace peace, love, and understanding of all creation, seeking to cause no harm, and try to heal others as often as possible.


Not everybody is born with an Old Soul, but if you were, you will know it, and you will probably know from the time you are a young child. Whether you have an Old Soul due to experiences from this life or past ones does not matter. What matters is how fortunate people are to have your wisdom and guidance in their lives, and we can all only hope that you keep coming back in future lives, sharing that wisdom even more.

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