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What is a Leo’s Best Match?

Rachel Clare
By Rachel Clare
March 20, 2022
What is a Leo’s Best Match?
What is a Leo’s Best Match?
TL;DR Have you ever wondered what the Leo woman traits in love might be? Or asked yourself about how to attract Leo men? There are countless questions but pinning down the ins and outs of Leo’s unique traits will help to guide you towards the answers you are looking for. Perhaps you are wondering about understanding Leo women due to a developing crush on her at work, or maybe you have a Leo friend and are interested as to how your friendship may deepen together. Whatever the case may be, we need to first get to grips with what it truly means to be a Leo.

Leos are vivacious, confident and party-going individuals. They have a charm and charisma that few can rival and as such, attract a lot of attention in social situations. Some people may regard a Leo as egotistical or arrogant, but most see them for what they are; people who are well and truly comfortable in their own skin. That being said, this sign certainly has a soft center - Leos can be easily hurt and are known to take things to heart. As a result of this, they make wonderful romantic partners as they have a strong sense of empathy. These traits, combined with their outgoing and excitable nature make Leos a truly one-of-a-kind person that most of us would love to have in our lives.

Leo Traits

What is a Leo’s Best Match?

People born under the sign of Leo have birthdays between July 23rd and August 22nd. Belonging to the Fire elemental group in the Zodiac, Leos are brimming with passion and a zest for life. With the Sun as this sign’s ruling star, it comes as no surprise that many people see Leo as the fiercest and brightest sign there is. Leos are exuberant, bold and kindhearted individuals with an energetic streak that seemingly cannot be tamed. Just as the sun shines spectacularly, Leos love to take center stage and will never shy away from the limelight. They are wholly in touch with themselves, self-assured and are never scared to say yes to fun or exciting new adventures. 

While Leosare the life and soul of the party, they can be argumentative and defensive in their worst moments. As they are ruled by the Sun, Leos have a tendency to think that they, too, are the centre of life's universe and won't back down from a confrontation if this mindset is challenged. When their egos are damaged, they can also reveal a fairly sharp temper, but more often than not, this is simply a reaction to mask buried feelings of hurt and insecurity. While definitely an explosive sign at times, they are actually soft, kind souls at the core of it all.

Understanding Leo Men

What is a Leo’s Best Match?

Many people wonder how to date a Leo man with success, so remember this; with both friends and family, Leo men are loving and protective people. Like a Lion wants to defend its pride, a Leo man will jump to the defense of anyone in his close circle. He expects to be treated like a king, but he is a benevolent character with grace and compassion. Alongside this, Leo men are confident in who they are and with a confident man, comes a calm and secure lover. There is no game-playing, manipulation or ‘pick-me’ energy with this man - instead, he knows exactly who he is, what he wants and who he deserves to be with.

If you and a Leo man live together, expect him to be quite territorial with his space. This man’s home is his castle so you’ll find him and his possessions sprawled throughout the environment. Leo men are energetic and disorganized beings so being meticulous around the house is certainly not at the top of this man’s priority list. All in all, however, a Leo man’s home is a cosy sanctuary and he wants nothing more than to share this space with a person he loves.

Signs a Leo Man Likes You 

It may be hard to know if a Leo man loves you, but there are some key signs to look out for. Symbolized by a Lion, Leo men will possess a similar air of power and dominance when his feelings for you start to grow. Like a lion stalking their prey, a Leo man will stop at nothing to secure the girl of his dreams - albeit, in a less terrifying way! If he knows she will be attending a party or any other event, he will make sure to groom himself to the max and make a special appearance. He will want to catch her eye too, so like a proud peacock, you will find a Leo man strutting around the room and charming everyone with his smooth charisma. He is incredibly magnetizing in these situations, and therefore often the envy of most other men. 

Best Matches for a Leo Man

If you’re wondering what a Leo man wants in a woman, there are a few things to bear in mind. Although a Leo man’s ego is dominant and powerful, he won't feel challenged by a woman who possesses similar qualities. In fact, he is drawn to these women and admires her self-assuredness. Dating a wall-flower or a woman who is unable to speak her mind is not the ultimate goal for a Leo man in dating, rather, he wants a fiery back-and-forth with himself and his lover. This dynamic keeps the relationship alive and makes it more likely to succeed in the long run.

Understanding Leo Women

What is a Leo’s Best Match?

Similar to the Leo male, this lioness is the brightest star in any room. She is comfortable in the spotlight and possesses a creative streak that makes her a fantastic entertainer. She can have friends and family enthralled by her elaborate stories simply through her exuberant method of delivery. The Leo woman, however, has less restraint than the Leo man and can find herself caught up in conflict on occasion. Her heart is always in the right place, but she definitely struggles to bite her tongue during situations when doing so would probably serve her best. 

When it comes to friendships, a Leo woman is that friend who can inject excitement and pizzazz into every moment. She adores gossip, loves hitting up bars and genuinely thrives off the buzz of social interaction. You will be exhausted after a night out with a Leo woman, but you will have made some crazy and unforgettable memories to make up for it.

Signs a Leo Woman Likes You

Leo women are difficult to read when it comes to love so it can be hard to know if a Leo woman likes you. In all other situations, they place all of their cards on the table and are some of the most upfront people you will ever meet. However, she has her guard up when she feels herself falling for someone as she is not used to feeling out of control. She is most familiar with people fawning over HER, so when she notices herself feeling shy or self-conscious her alarm bells start ringing. If her crush manages to break past this initial barrier, they will soon find that a Leo woman is incredibly affectionate and loving. Her love language is touch, of which she both adores to give and receive with a partner.

Best Matches for a Leo Woman

Any man dating a Leo woman has to possess confidence. Her ideal match would be a confident guy who knows he is something special. It would be good for him to value himself enough to know that he can choose any woman he wants, yet still chooses the Leo woman over everyone else. Leo women are also attracted to unique and creative men, so he shouldn't be afraid of expressing himself or care too much about other people's opinions. This man ought to feel confident about not just his positive qualities, but also his quirks. That being said, despite all of the compliments and affection a Leo woman wants to give her man, she does not want him to rely on her for his sense of self-esteem. Fishing for compliments or being purposefully self-depreciative is massively unappealing for a Leo woman.

 Zodiac Compatibility: The Best Match for a Leo

What is a Leo’s Best Match?

You may have gathered by this point that both Leo men and women are passionate people with fairly high expectations. As such, for some signs in the Zodiac, a relationship with a Leo will be a thrilling and fulfilling experience. For other signs, however, they may see Leo lovers as erratic or self-centered. Outlined below are some notable matches between Leo and other signs in the Zodiac.

Libra and Leo Love Compatibility

A Libra and Leo love match is a really strong one. As Libra is the sign of fun, energy and sophistication, this makes a harmonious pairing with Leo who shares similar bold qualities. While Leo thrives more in social environments, the fire sign can help bring out even more confidence from the curious Libra. Libra also has strong emotional intelligence, so knows exactly how to avoid a dispute with the (occasionally) argumentative Leo.

Capricorn and Leo Love Compatibility

Of course anything is possible, but Leo and Capricorn couples are not typically starred for success. This is because Capricorn is a reserved and motivated sign, prioritizing life’s more ‘sensible’ pursuits. Leo, on the other hand, believes life is for living, meaning that career ambitions take less of a center stage. Not only this, but Capricorn is likely to find Leo’s desire for the limelight grating and superficial. Similarly, Leo will view Capricorn as overly serious and nothing short of a party-pooper. So, when people ask are Capricorn and Leo soulmates, the simple answer is; probably not.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility

Are Aries and Leo a good match? Well, as two fire signs, Aries and Leo can either make a fiery, passionate love affair, or an explosive connection leading to burn out. Both signs share similar qualities of dominance and out-spokenness, so naturally, conflict is a large component of Aries-Leo relationships. If these two can leave their egos at the door and learn to communicate in a calmer way, there is great potential here. If not, then this partnership may face some serious trouble.

Taurus and Leo Love Compatibility

A Taurus and Leo love match is a very strong one. Both signs are passionate and self-assured people, but they fall at opposite ends of the spectrum when energies are factored into the equation. So, while Taurus is quiet, calm and favores home comforts, they share the same confidence and superiority of the bold, brash Leo. Arguments are more of a possibility with Leo and Taurus couples due to their mutual stubbornness, but it's nothing that will cause issues in the long run.

Scorpio and Leo Love Compatibility

If there was one way to describe Leo and Scorpio couples it would be a whirlwind. When these two come together, it may feel like two worlds have collided as there will be passion, mystery and endless intrigue. While their sexual compatibility is off the charts, their verbal communication may be lacking slighty as Leo wants to hash things out in the open but Scorpio is more underhand. So, while probably not destined to be lifelong soul partners, Scorpio and Leo lovers could have a lot of fun together in the meantime. 

Leo and Leo Love Compatibility

Leo and Leo couples will draw attention to themselves everywhere they go. They are a bundle of laughs and operate in perfect, charismatic synchronicity. They are well and truly a power couple and face a lot of envy from other people. Sure, as with all relationships with two of the same sign, there will be inevitable clashes. However, if Leo and Leo soulmates learn to put their egos aside and communicate effectively, love could sail pretty smoothly for these two. 

Every sign in the Zodiac has its fair share of charm and misgivings. Leos are no different, although their electric energy and charisma make them stand out as especially wonderful friends and lovers. Some signs may make a better match for Leo in the context of a platonic relationship, while others can create an unbreakable connection with Leo through lust and romance. Whatever direction you personally choose, you can be sure that you will want a Leo in your life in some shape or form!

What is a Leo’s Best Match?About the Author: Rachel Clare is a Writer and Brand Ambassador at She specializes in spiritual content, astrological guidance and providing advice for businesses across the globe.

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