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Most Compatible Signs for Pisces

By Mysticsense
May 05, 2023
Most Compatible Signs for Pisces
Most Compatible Signs for Pisces

Pisces are often known for being the most sensitive sign within the zodiac. This can be seen as a negative or a huge positive, depending on which sign you’re talking to! If a Pisces comes into your life, they’re likely to be deeply in tune with your feelings, empathetic and caring, which some people really value in a partner or friendship. Some may find this overwhelming, but most zodiacs see them as a loving person to have around.

Being part of the Water element, it’s no secret Pisces are sensitive and caring. They sit in the same element as Scorpio and Cancer signs, who are also known for feeling their feelings very intensely. 

Finding a compatible sign for a Pisces isn’t a hard task, with their energy and empathy they make great listeners, and it’s easy to have a conversation with them no matter how well you know them. They may come across as introverted sometimes, but it’s usually because they're listening rather than speaking. 

Pisces Personality Traits

Born between 19th Feb - March 20th, Pisces are the listeners of the group. They’re ruled by Neptune, which governs dreams, psychic ability and creativeness, which is why Pisces are seen as one of the more psychic of the zodiacs. Pisces want to be there for everyone and will burn themselves out in the process sometimes. 

Being a mutable sign, so they like to explore people's feelings and offer advice. Similar to Virgos, they like to help and show guidance to others to fix things. They read situations very well and offer the perfect solution, whether it's a shoulder to cry on or a problem that needs solving.

It’s easy for Pisces to get taken advantage of, due to their kind-hearted and sympathetic nature. They soak up their partner’s feelings like a sponge, which can leave them with heavy burdens through trying to help. When a Pisces meets their compatible partner, they won’t have to carry these feelings of others alone and when they open up to their significant other it will form an intense, strong bond. 

Traits Compatible for Pisces

Certain traits that are represented across lots of different zodiacs are compatible with Pisces, however some are more present than others. Regardless of your zodiac sign, if you show these qualities, then a Pisces partner would be a match for you! 


Pisces don’t purposely try to be difficult, however they can come across as intense or even needy. A partner or a friend that has a lot of patience for feelings and deep talks is an ideal match for a Pisces, someone who can comfort them when needed and isn’t afraid to talk about their feelings. Having dark moments in life is normal, Pisces take on other people’s pain, so having a partner they can confide in means they can recover from these dark moments quicker. 


It may seem like a strange compatibility to pair someone so sensitive with a partner or friend who is direct and straightforward. However, a Pisces can benefit from being around people who don’t feel so intensely and can see the bigger picture to problems. 

Being direct doesn’t mean being nasty or rude, if you are direct, but kind with your delivery, then a Pisces will really appreciate it. Some Pisces may find it hard to be direct themselves, so having a direct partner can help push a Pisces to be more straightforward with others in their life. This can push them to be more honest about how they feel in all areas of life, such as work or friendships.

Being Grounded

Pisces are, more often than not, big dreamers with their heads in the clouds. This trait is very alluring to some, as it means you can escape life’s dramas and mishaps easily, however when two people have their heads in the clouds it can be difficult to remain grounded. Making sure one person in a partnership stays in the real world is essential to having a balanced relationship. Having a super serious outlook on life is not what a Pisces would want, but, having someone who is able to pull them into the real world every now and again isn’t a bad thing. 

A more practical sign would be the most compatible for a Pisces to help them with life’s challenges. A dreamy Pisces would also help to bring a very grounded, serious sign into the creative clouds and help them to escape more. A perfect, harmonious balance. 

Traits Not Compatible with Pisces

Your sign might be one that is considered compatible with a Pisces, however if you show these traits within your personality, it might not be smooth sailing. Just because your star sign is compatible doesn’t mean the rest of your birth chart is. It’s worth knowing that certain traits are moderately compatible, however if the communication isn’t great between partners they could still not work out. 


Pisces are very sensitive creatures, meaning they show empathy and sympathy for most people around them. Even when it’s detrimental to their own well-being. Having an insensitive partner is hard for Pisces signs, they have low compatibility with people who don’t show sympathy to others. 

It’s hard for a Pisces to understand why people can’t be sensitive to those around them, so this is a huge turn-off when someone doesn’t read another person's emotions very well. 


Most people have some elements of perfectionism within their personality, however being a perfectionist about EVERYTHING is tiring for Pisces to be around. They view the world in a very different way to those who need perfection and strive for it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a perfectionist in your career or family life, however if things go wrong they need to be handled with compassion. 

Perfectionists often explode or shut down when they don’t meet certain standards, this reflects with their partners too. A Pisces wants to feel they can make mistakes and be their true selves, a perfectionist sign will not uphold this style of partnership.

Cold with Emotions

Pisces' love a person who can show their true feelings, without playing games or being manipulative. If they find a partner who struggles to show emotions or love in an open way, they will be in trouble. Having an open partner means Pisces can do their favorite thing, listen and sympathize. Pisces are sensitive signs, and they thrive when they can listen to others and help them feel better. If their partner doesn’t show them any emotions or is distant with emotions, Pisces often feel helpless and can overcompensate to make up for their partner's lack of emotions. 

Pisces Relationships & Friendships 

Plenty of signs are compatible with Pisces, for both friendship and love matches. Some zodiac signs are better suited to be a friend rather than a lover to Pisces and vice versa. Traits across lots of the zodiac signs are found to be suited to a Pisces, with different levels of compatibility depending on the type of relationship. 

It’s always important to remember that certain signs carry traits that might be compatible with Pisces, but it doesn’t mean that they are. Lots of elements come into play when it comes to love matches and friendship compatibility, not just star signs.

If you find your sign isn’t compatible with a Pisces in your life, exploring why and which traits are the reason might help you better understand them. Learning more about star sign compatibility can open up your knowledge to why certain relationships or friendships may have failed in the past. Speaking to a psychic who specializes in horoscope compatibility is also another way to explore your signs compatibility.

Pisces Friendships 

Pisces are dreamers, with excellent abilities to advise and listen to others. This is useful when it comes to friendships, however it can leave them vulnerable when encountering people who may drain them of their compassion and empathy. 

Having an introverted way of life might be best for having high compatibility with a Pisces, as they aren’t exactly party animals. However, once a Pisces opens up to you in a friendship, they will expect you to do the same for them. Forming a solid friendship that can take on anything. 

Most Compatible Friendships for Pisces

Pisces & Scorpio 

Pisces and Scorpio signs are both within the water elements of the zodiacs. This means they are already in tune with each other in more ways than one. Having a friendship where the person can understand you and also help you thrive is very important, and these two signs do just that. 

Scorpios are famous for listening in and taking in their surroundings, without saying much. Unlike Pisces, Scorpios don’t usually offer sympathy as advice, they offer a more brutal approach of directness. Pisces sign tend to lack directness in their communication style, however they do thrive off receiving it themselves if it’s delivered in the correct way. 

Scorpios aren’t perfectionist with their friendships, although do they need friends who will give them everything and offer it back. This is perfect in terms of compatibility for Pisces as they want someone to be their supporter but not criticize too much. Scorpios and Pisces are the right balance of sympathy, direct communication and sitting and listening to one another. 

Pisces Relationships

Similar to their friendships, Pisces look for deep thinkers and sympathetic character to be their love matches. High compatibility within Pisces relationships focuses on core values and being an overall empathetic person. It may seem like Pisces are always thinking about others, which is usually the case. This is why they need someone who is as equally empathetic, so they can have the support they offer to others, themselves. 

It’s important for Pisces to look after their own wellbeing, as people can easily fool them into thinking they are a good match. A kind-hearted, genuine person is needed to really help a Pisces flourish, however they aren’t always the soft, sensitive sign they’re made out to be. Pisces' need a release in life, being the more psychic of the signs it’s hard to not burn out when feeling everyone else's feelings for them, which is why they need a highly compatible partner to understand them. 

Most Compatible Love Matches for Pisces 

Pisces & Taurus 

As mentioned before, Pisces are dreamers and sometimes need someone to help bring them down to earth. Taurus are the perfect signs for this. They are the most grounded signs, but still like to experience life without the more serious side of things. A Taurus will explore fine foods, holiday destinations and shopping trips with you, but they would never be seen as shallow. 

Staying grounded and mixing the pleasures of life is what a Taurus is made for. If you’re a Pisces who needs a break from being everyone's listening ear, then a 5 star meal out is sure to make you feel loved. A Taurus can provide this for you and help you feel more at ease. 

It’s not all about luxury days out with Taurus and Pisces though, they understand one another feelings and are very open with their thoughts. Taurus are known to be direct earth signs, to speaking their truth to a Pisces and having it reciprocated it a match made in heaven. 

Compatibility for Zodiacs

As previously mentioned, it’s important to know that zodiacs help give us a snapshot into a person's traits, personality and relationships, but shouldn’t be used to solely determine if a person is compatible for you. 

Explore more on relationship compatibility for your sign, delve deep into how to improve understanding your loved ones, and work on low compatibility relationships. 

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