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Most Compatible Signs for Cancer

By Mysticsense
March 13, 2023
Most Compatible Signs for Cancer
Most Compatible Signs for Cancer


In this Mysticsense article, we’re going to discuss the most compatible signs for Cancer. So, if you’re a Cancer who’s recently met a new love interest, this article is for you! We discuss the definition of a Cancer Zodiac sign, the characteristics of a Cancer sign, as well as the least compatible signs for Cancer.

Read on to find out everything you could possibly want to know, when it comes to Cancer compatibility.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Placement

Cancers are born between June 21st and July 22nd, making them the fourth sign in the Zodiac wheel. They are one of the four water signs, and they’re ruled by the moon.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Characteristics

Personality Traits of Cancers

Cancer Zodiac signs are known for being extremely loyal, nurturing and emotional. They can make fantastic partners and are able to compliment a number of different signs. They’re highly protective too, so if you’ve met a new Cancer love interest, you can be sure that they’ll have your back.

At their worst, the Crab can suffer from feelings of insecurity, becoming really sensitive in the process. This is where the Crab needs a partner who can help them ride out the storm. This is when the Crab is likely to retreat into their shell.

As passionate individuals, Cancers can be great people to have in your life, but might require a bit of time to get to know them first. Once you’ve broken down their initial walls, you’ll most likely have a friend or partner for life.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cancers

Like any sign, Cancer has its strengths and weaknesses. At their best, the Crab is caring, intuitive and loyal, which are all loving traits meaning that they’re great at creating a stable home life. This combination of traits is what makes them great friends, who like to get to know people intimately, away from large social gatherings.

However, what you need to look out for with Cancers is their ability to become rather moody and passive-aggressive. It’s likely that if you’ve had a disagreement with a Cancer, although you might have moved on from the situation, they’ll be stewing for days and months to come! They find these things really hard to let go.

The Most Compatible Signs for Cancer

The most compatible signs for Cancer are Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo. If you’re a Cancer, and you’ve recently started speaking to a new love interest who is one of these signs, it’s likely that the pair of you will have a fortuitous time together.

If it’s not quite working during the early stages, we recommend being patient, as good things are bound to happen for these pairings.

We’re going to discuss these pairings in depth, including any shared traits and values between the two signs, as well as how they communicate and understand each other. Finally, we’ll mention any similar life goals and priorities. Learn who a Cancer’s perfect match is by reading on.

Cancer and Taurus

One of the most organically compatible pairings in the Zodiac is a Cancer and Taurus relationship. They both share similar values in seeking security in their relationship, both from an emotional standpoint and a financial perspective.

They understand each other like the back of their hand, and find it easy to communicate with one another. Think classic romance, with this pairing enjoying all the sweet things life has to offer, like flowers and chocolates.

Taurus brings a security-driven aura to the homebody personality of a Cancer. These are perfectly compatible traits that provide a strong foundation for a Cancer and Taurus pairing to take on life’s challenges together.

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio find themselves four signs apart in the Zodiac, but they are a close pairing that have the potential for a harmonious relationship together. Both signs are sensitive, protecting each other whichever path they decide to take. This sensitive streak is likely due to both signs being water signs.

Cancer’s loyalty perfectly compliments Scorpio’s possessive nature, with both signs keen to be in a relationship together for the long haul. This well-matched pairing is easily able to create a stable home life, with a family-first attitude to all walks of life.

With these two signs aligning on numerous topics, communication between the pair is easily versed, and opening up to talk about their feelings is a comfortable experience for both parties.

Cancer and Pisces

A Cancer and Pisces pairing provides some great compatibility. A Pisces partner is music to the ears of Cancer, who is forever wanting a committed partner, who also likes being cared for. The Crab’s nurturing ways are well-received by Pisces and helps Pisces make important decisions in their life.

Both, water signs, this pairing are four signs apart on the Zodiac, otherwise known as trine. This usually means that a natural fit between the two signs is common. What Pisces offers Cancer is guidance on how to control their often overwhelming emotional reactions.

One thing this pairing has to be careful of is Cancer’s slightly bossy tendencies, which can potentially wind up Pisces over time. This would be a crying shame when both these signs speak the same love language. If they are patient and listen to one another, they can enjoy this for years to come.

Cancer and Virgo

Both caregivers, Cancer and Virgo, love to spend their time helping others, and this is what sets them up for a harmonious time together. Virgo finds itself two signs apart from Cancer on the Zodiac, which usually creates a nice, natural connection. Further to this, water sign Cancer compliments Earth sign Virgo in most instances.

As they look toward their long-term goals, each sign can offer a supportive shoulder to lean on during tough times. The Crab opens up Virgo’s mind, encouraging them to trust and explore their intuition, while, Virgo offers Cancer an intellectual case study to learn from.

This pairing may encounter trouble in the long run because they’re potentially too similar for their own good. With both parties too busy trying to care for the other, it’s not surprising if this couple become passive-aggressive with each other.

The Least Compatible Signs for Cancer

Unfortunately, there are some signs that aren’t that compatible for Cancer. The following three signs make up the least compatible signs for Cancer - Aries, Leo and Aquarius. If you have a new love interest who is one of these three signs, it’s worthwhile seeing where it goes, but bear in mind that the odds aren’t in your favor.

Cancer and Aries

Cancer and Aries pairings are often problematic, and this stems from Aries urge to start lots of projects without finishing them. This is the polar opposite of Cancer, who refuses to let projects go until they’re finished.

Aries are fire signs, which can make for an exciting relationship with some signs. However, a sensitive water sign like Cancer is best to stay away from the flames of an Aries.

This pairing requires the upmost patience, especially when Aries quickly makes decisions and moves towards goals that are scary for Cancer. If Aries is able to rein in this energy slightly, they’ll make Cancer more comfortable as they move towards their future. This can create an exciting long-term future together.

Unfortunately, the likelihood is that this pairing won’t have enough compatibility to stand the test of time.

Cancer and Leo

Cancers and Leos are opposites, but do opposites attract? Leo likes the limelight, and might not want to share the stage with their Cancer partner. This can present many scenarios when Cancer is watching Leo play the “fool”.

These two signs are just one sign apart in the Zodiac, otherwise known as semisextile, and this can present a rocky relationship, where both parties have opposing views and priorities. The Lion focuses on the brighter side of life, optimistic in their nature. This differs from the Crab, who is able to appreciate the whole spectrum of feeling, from happiness to sadness.

If Leo finds a way to share the spotlight with Cancer, there is a slim chance this pairing can create something beautiful. This, however, is unlikely in most cases.

Cancer and Aquarius

Aquarius loves to connect on an intellectual level, Cancers prefer to connect on a deeper level. What brings this pairing together is that they’re both passionate individuals. Although they are opposite in a number of ways, if a Cancer-Aquarius pairing can find something they are both passionate about, they may stand a chance.

Being five signs apart from each other in the Zodiac often results in an awkward pairing, and that much is true for Cancer and Aquarius. The main issue here is that Aquarius naturally wants to trust their intuition and rarely lets their emotional side rule, when Cancer prefers to trust their emotions.

It’s tough for these two signs to make it work in the long-term, but if they are able to find that shared passion, who knows?

Other Cancer Matches

Cancer and Capricorn

There is an air of optimism around a Cancer-Capricorn pairing, so if you’re a Cancer with a new Capricorn love interest, you’re entitled to be excited. These two signs like to keep their personal endeavors private, and this is a big attraction for each sign. This gives a Cancer-Capricorn relationship the potential to be classed as a “power couple”.

Both signs want to have that long-lasting relationship, so if the pair are equally invested, there’s a high chance they’ll stand the test of time together. One thing to watch out for is Cancer letting their emotions get the better of them. Although seemingly cold, Capricorns care about their partners, but don’t always make this common knowledge.

If you’re a Cancer becoming frustrated with your Capricorn partner, be patient, your time will come!

Cancer and Gemini

Plenty of communication is required if this pairing is to work out in the long run. If they’re unable to communicate with each other, it’s likely that the Crab’s heart becomes the headline, and this will wear Gemini down over time.

These signs find themselves one sign apart in the Zodiac, presenting some friction between the two. Cancer will find Gemini’s funny nature charming, but they like to witness deeper level characteristics in order to commit themselves into a relationship. If they’re unable to see the serious side of a Gemini, they’ll find the idea of a relationship together too risky.

Loyalty is the key for Cancer, but can Gemini provide it? If Gemini decides to grow up, there might be a future for this pairing, but it’s hard to see from this perspective.

Cancer and Libra

A complicated affair awaits a Cancer and Libra pairing. Libra’s are cool and collected, and this is the complete opposite of Cancer’s emotional approach. Libra will need to do some convincing, and if Cancer is sure they are committed to them on a deep level, they’ll be able to maintain a relationship of some kind.

Leading with their intellectual aura, Libra's will feel like their relationship can be challenging when Cancer leads with their emotions. If both signs are able to keep their focus on the things that matter, they might have a chance.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Mixing fire and water can be a tricky situation, and this is the case with Cancer and Sagittarius pairings. These two find themselves five signs apart from each other, creating an awkward match.

Cancer’s need for loyalty and consistency can be hard for free-spirited Sagittarius. It’s likely that over time, Sagittarius will appear to be insensitive to Cancer’s needs, but that’s just how they naturally present themselves to the world.

Naturally loud, Sagittarius can easily get on the Crab’s nerves. However, where these two signs can align with one another is when it comes to food. Both signs appreciate tasty cuisine and aren’t against queuing for hours to get what they desire. Yes, Cancer might be eating their feelings during this time and Sagittarius might be ranting about how delicious it tastes, but the experience is worth it for both parties.

Cancer and Cancer

Two crabs in the same relationship has the potential to work long-term. As both individuals are fully aware of how important security is, each member of the relationship will do their upmost to create a safe environment to thrive in.

This type of pairing enjoys hosting people, but doesn’t enjoy going out for late drinking sessions. They have the ability to create a harmonious relationship together, providing a cozy home environment for one another.

When it comes to prioritization, family life and love are super important for Cancers, so when you have two of them coexisting together, this energy is doubled in equal measure. One thing a Cancer-Cancer pairing should watch out for is how they manage their emotions. These signs spend lots of time thinking about their emotions and if two people are doing this as much as each other, they’ll need to find a system to openly communicate in order to stay together for a long time.

Are You Compatible with a Cancer?

Cancer is an emotional partner who needs the right sign to take them under their wing, providing them with a harmonious environment to enjoy a relationship. The most compatible signs for Cancer are Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo, meanwhile they should steer clear of Aries, Leo and Aquarius.

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