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Zodiac Attractions

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
August 03, 2021
Zodiac Attractions
Zodiac Attractions
TL;DR While nothing is completely set in stone, most people agree that they personally seem to be drawn time and time again to certain zodiac signs when forming friendships and romances. It can be uncanny when a woman consistently dates Libra or a man almost always has a Leo attraction. What signs are most attracted to others most of the time, and does it matter if somebody is male or female as to what other signs they will be attracted to?

Men and Women

men and women

It would be convenient if all males or all females behaved exactly the same way and had all the same preferences, but the truth is, we are individuals, so we don’t. Leo man and Leo woman attractions are more alike than they differ, and that holds true for any of the signs. What can be different is whether somebody is drawn to your romantically based on sexual preference, and in the case where a man prefers to date men, he will be drawn to women of his favorite signs as friends rather than romantic partners. Each of the signs has different things that typically attracts them however.

The Signs and Who They Are Attracted To



Is an Aries attraction a bad boy attraction? Not necessarily, although Aries, named after the god of war does have that reputation. They love to flirt, and respect people who look them in the eye confidently and tell it like it is. They are adventurous and love a challenge, so don’t expect an Aries to shy away from an intellectual debate. An Aries man Leo woman attraction is an especially good one as both of these fire signs are equally passionate, high energy, and will enjoy being like two peas in a pod. An Aries man, Capricorn woman attraction can be a very good friendship, but isn’t as good for romance, as the take charge Aries won’t like Capricorn also trying to take charge.

Aries people are best romantically suited to adventurous, spontaneous signs like Aquarius, Gemini, and Saggitarius who makes them feel free to be the high energy, fun loving people they are. They feel the world is theirs to roam, and filled with new, thrilling experiences they won’t want to miss out on, and they love to includes romantic partners in these adventures.

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Many zodiac publications describe Taurus as bull headed, but they consider themselves stable, and reliable although some signs will call them sticks in the mud. A sign that will stick by you for life, they are drawn to people who are equally devoted, and also who won’t try to get them to change the routine and lifestyle they are comfortable with. Taureans can be the ones who take people under their wing at best, and the ones who dictate and smother at worst. Some more independent signs will not like what they feel is Taurus dictating, when in reality, Taurus’s just want everybody to feel happy and loved, and they are behaving in the only way they know how to do so.

When a Taurus man loves a Libra woman it can be overwhelming for him if she becomes bored with his love of routine. Taurus man and Scorpio woman attraction can be positively explosive in the bedroom, and equally explosive if tempers flare afterwards. However, Scorpio man Taurus woman attraction can make long term love work out as long as they communicate respectfully and focus on the fact they both place high importance on homelife and reliability. Taurus man Taurus woman attraction is powerful and compatibility is very high as their similarities give them both that sense of comfort they desire. Taurus attraction to Pisces is equally good and potential long-term happiness is high. Taurus Man Capricorn woman attraction is said to be equally as powerful, with this couple both being drawn to long term stability and both being set in their own ways.

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For men and secretive Gemini women, signs of attraction may not be so obvious. Geminis love to have a varied social circle but want the peace and sacredness of a good home environment, both of which may not seem to go together, but for Gemini they absolutely do. Social, extroverted Aquarians draw Geminis as do vivacious Librans. Gemini loves excitement, variety, and new experiences and both Librans and Aquarians provide this. For Geminis , one night stands are just fine, but for long term relationships, they want to start out as just friends and let things grow from there.

The easiest way to shut off Gemini attraction is to bore them like Taureans or Virgos can with their endless organized to-do lists and predictability. Likewise, being emotionally needy too soon like Cancers may be prone to will send your Gemini headed for the hills. Geminis are fun loving, intelligent, and curious. Matching their intelligence with conversation they find stimulating and holding their interest with interesting information is a sure way to get them interested.

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Unfairly called emotionally unstable, in reality, Cancers are quite in touch with their emotions and have no problem with everybody knowing this. They can also be the very most devoted people in the zodiac- IF you are both each other’s cup of tea, that is! Cancer men’s and women’s attraction revolve around their goals. Often their goals are to have relationships with people they feel will make their lives better, people who understand them, and of course people who make them smile. Be aware that it’s going to be a relationship on their terms, however, and they have the strength to turn people away who they know they are not compatible with.

Scorpio and Cancer attraction whether it be Scorpio man, Cancer woman attraction or vice versa is one of the best matches for both of these signs as both of these emotional water signs are focused on family, long term stability, and are equally intense emotionally. Cancer man Virgo woman attraction is another good one for both signs as Virgo loves to do all they can for their partners, and Cancer feels very protected by the take charge Virgo. Cancer woman Pisces man attraction is another best bet for Cancer, as Pisces, another water sign understands Cancer’s sensitivities, and Pisces is more than accommodating to other people’s needs, sometimes to the detriment of their own! Cancer won’t let Pisces make this mistake and Cancers and Pisces will focus on doing for one another so that both signs feel loved and appreciated in this great union.

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The kings and queens of the zodiac are the luxuriantly confident Leos, and if you think just anybody can catch their eyes, think again. To draw a Leo you must carry yourself with as much pride as they do, speak your mind, not back down, and treat them with adoration. Likewise, you must allow them to dote on you, showering all their love and attention on you or they feel ignored, unappreciated and cast aside.

Leo man Scorpio woman initial attraction can be very powerful but isn’t usually long lasting as Scorpios are deadly serious about relationships and pretty much everything else, but Leos find this approach domineering. Scorpios also often forget that Leos are the head king and queen in charge, which Leo won’t stand for. So, Scorpio man Leo woman attraction doesn’t always pan out, unfortunately. Leo man Cancer woman attraction can be a good one that results in lifelong commitment as Leos are very understanding of the emotional side of Cancer, and both signs are loyal and love to be devoted.

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The wonderful thing about Virgos are that you never have to wonder about how they feel about you or where you stand with them. They will almost always be the first ones to make a move, and this can be very bad news for flirtatious signs like Libra and Gemini who like to be the ones calling the initial shots. Virgo will see their fun-loving natures as superficial, and won’t take them seriously, and while Libra attraction to Virgos tend to be high because Librans love meticulous, outspoken, successful people who they can admire- which Virgos are- Virgos are typically annoyed by Libran’s fun loving, playful approach to life, and a lot of hurt feelings can result.

Virgo man Taurus woman attraction is a great combination as both of these earth signs are looking for predictability, reliability, and hanging out at home as often as possible. A major issue this great union could face is if the two of them spar for dominance, and are unable to be democratic, because neither sign wants to be bossed around. Virgo woman attraction and Virgo man attraction is again, something they are good enough to make very clear, and their best matches are, besides Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn, who they can be free to be as precise, organized, and deliberate as they love to be.

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Libra is the sign that loves to be in love, and while they aren’t characterized as fast lovers, they date as much as they please, seeking the perfect mate. Libra and Capricorn attraction is either the best of the best, or the worst relationship they will have in their lives. They are drawn to one another for intellectual conversations and Librans are able to get Capricorns to loosen up and have fun. Unfortunately, Capricorn’s constant criticisms of everything under then sun can leave Librans feeling picked to pieces and emotionally depleted. However, when Librans and Capricorns are able to balance the best in one another, this can be a long-term pairing, although it doesn’t always happen.

Libra man Taurus woman attraction can be equally as bad, or better as Taureans feel the need to reign Librans in, and while Librans love the stability a Taurus who sticks by them offers, it’s a mistake to try and control a Libran. On the other hand, Taurus has to allow Libra a lot of freedom to pursue their active social life and welcome all those friends into Taurus’s private home domain if they want Libra to be theirs long term. Librans do quite well with adventurous Aquarians, Geminis, and Sagittarius- as long as Sagittarius can be tactful… some of the time, at least.

Venus in Libra man attraction is like double Libra! As Venus is Libras ruling planet, the people born with Libra in Venus are going to be extra drawn to the sociable fun-loving people, and will be repelled by rudeness, crankiness, or people who pick fights. Harmony, fairness, and love of all things and people who are beautiful and pleasant are the people they will be attracted to.

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Scorpio attraction is just like Scorpio in general- intense, focused, and loyal. If Scorpio falls for you, it is likely to be for life, and you can benefit from that undying admiration and devotion- if you can tolerate their need to have the upper hand, sometimes flaring tempers, and suspicious nature that leads them to be very secretive. Scorpio man Scorpio woman attraction starts out wildly successful but can crash and burn just as easily as it can work out long term. Scorpios can either butt heads with each other or harmonize beautifully, depending on whether they fight for power or work together. As enemies they can destroy one another, but as allies they can be unbeatable.

Scorpio Pisces attraction is one of the very best bets for both signs and that Pisces Scorpio instant attraction is undeniable. Scorpio woman and Pisces man attraction has been described as ‘an ocean of love’ by some, as these water signs harmonize emotionally, and their understanding of one another keeps them close. While Scorpio’s intensity and emotions can push them over the edge, Pisces quickly brings them back with healing, soothing tenderness in ways few other signs can.

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The fun makers of the zodiac, Mr. or Ms. Sagittarius is also known for being very in touch with their sexual side, and some can misinterpret this as looseness when in reality Sagittarians are open to experience their own sexuality in the way they choose. Sagittarians spill nearly every opinion they have, but so do Virgos and Capricorns quite often, and Sagittarians think of themselves as being open, honest, and upfront as opposed to tactless and rude. They are spontaneous, adventurous, love to travel and meet new people, and their seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm are contagious. To be in a relationship with one for more than a New York minute, you need to be the same way.

Best matches for Sagittarians are other fire signs Leo and Aries, as they understand one another’s strong passionate ways of living, and of course, Sagittarians go well with equally as adventurous Aquarians as both of these signs need plenty of personal freedom, and respect for their boundaries. Neither have an issue with a life filled with fun and taking separate vacations. Not enough can be said, however about how well Sagittarius Libra attraction as both signs are highly social, love a good time, and have a lighthearted approach to romance. Attraction between Sagittarius and Gemini is also worth exploring, as these signs are both adaptable, fun loving, and this makes them go together well in relationships.

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Perhaps the most ambitious sign next to Virgo, Capricorn people are unfairly accused of being cantankerous, mean, overly serious, emotionally unstable, and no fun. Ttruthfully, while they are hardworking, they love to let their hair down and have a good time just as much as Librans and Sagittarians do- they just go about it differently. Capricorn man and Capricorn woman attraction can initially start out well, but sometimes ends poorly if one or both of them cannot come to a democratic understanding that neither will rule the other, and they must be equal partners.

Similar power struggles happen when Capricorn and Sagittarius try to date, and Capricorns don’t always blend well with Aries either, as nobody is in charge of Aries, but Capricorn will try to be. Capricorn’s best pairings are with Virgo and Pisces, as both Virgo and Capricorn organize their lives to perfection, and they harmonize planning a good homelife and family life together. Pisces and Capricorn go well together as well, due to Pisces naturally understanding people who soothe Capricorn’s worries nicely, making for good long-term relations.

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Aquarius man attraction and Aquarian woman attraction are similar. Both men and women who are Aquarians are drawn to people who are unique, eccentric, eclectic, idiosyncratic, or what some less enlightened people would call “weird” or even “odd”. Aquarians are drawn to variety, enterprising inventive people, and unconventional things in general. Highly creative, very social, and expert communicators, Aquarians are typically the least judgmental people in the room. Just don’t expect them to emotionally attach to every person they treat well and socialize with because Aquarians are very private about their own personal lives and guard their hearts well.

Aquarius attraction to other Aquarians is very high, as they give one another the unique, active lifestyle they both need while respecting one another’s need for independence. Energetic Aries attracts Aquarians, and fellow air signs Libra and Gemini share lighthearted adventures with them harmoniously. Virgos, Taureans, and Capricorns need partners who spend more time with them than independent Aquarians will, and these can be matches made…NOT in heaven… to put it mildly.

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Zodiac Attractions

Pisces attraction is to people who are compassionate, sensitive, kind, and caring. They are highly romantic, and while the idea of a relationship appeals to them, they are just fine without one if there is nobody available who they are comfortable with. Some paint a portrait of Pisces people as overindulgent in taking many casual lovers, but who’s to say what’s too many lovers? Pisces might want to help as many people in life as they possibly can, but that doesn’t mean they sign up for a lifelong commitment to everybody they are involved with. Their need for their “me time” can take them away from you, and if you are okay with giving them that time to themselves, you will enjoy a relationship with your gentle hearted Pisces.

Cancer Pisces attraction is a great match as both signs naturally empathize well with others, and their emotional bond they form with one another creates intimate trust between them that usually forms a relationship that withstands the test of time. Another great combination is Pisces and Virgo in the way that opposites attract, and they balance one another well. While Virgo lives to work, is highly organized, and meticulous, Pisces tend to be more idealistic, and they can help bring the creative side of Virgo out while Virgo can help keep Pisces more focused. Leo and Pisces attraction might be red hot at first, but Leo’s strong leadership qualities may unintentionally steamroll over sensitive, eager to please Pisces, and end poorly.

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The zodiac does not completely dictate relationships, but the sign we are born under influences our natural tendencies. While what your zodiac sign is might influence who you are attracted to, whether you are male or female won’t. One thing is certain, no matter what sign you are, your relationships will thrive best if you listen to yourself, taking your preferences and needs into account uncompromisingly.

We want to hear from you! Which signs are you most drawn to and which ones do you find yourself shying away from? What surprising relationships have you been happy you cultivated with signs that astrology says you don’t necessarily get along with as well?

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