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August Love Compatibility

By Saoirse
July 25, 2022
August Love Compatibility
August Love Compatibility
TL;DRIf you are August born, you are fortunate enough to either be a Leo or a Virgo. Learn about your birthstones according to month, a Leo male and female’s best match, which signs most likely for a Virgo to be falling in love with, and magic and superstitions about the month of August including birthstones and flowers of the month.

If you’re lucky enough to be born in the month of August, you are either a Leo or a Virgo, and there is much magic afoot in your month you can harness to make the best of. Your gemstones for birth months are just a part of that! There are beautiful flowers for your month you can draw power from, and best of all, knowing your zodiac sign can let you know who makes good zodiac couples with you! Join Mysticsense as we explore the magic of August and how it can work for you if you are one of the lucky August born!

The Magic of August

August Love Compatibility

Originally named Sextilis back then it was the sixth month of the year in Rome, it became the eighth month after January and February were added, and the name was chosen in honor of the emperor Augustus. He wanted that month to bear his name because he felt he had made some great accomplishments then including the conquest of Egypt.

August is thirty-one days long, and falls in the season of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. For many there, the summer growing season is at it’s peak and harvest has begun. The days are hot, and August is often spent trying to keep cool, because some of the hottest temperatures of the year can occur then. It is Happiness Happens month and National Peach Month, and National Goat Cheese Month. It’s also National Sandwich month, so maybe have a goat cheese peach sandwich if you are adventurous!

It's also the month of an ancient Gaelic harvest celebration called Lughnassadh. Held on August first, and situated between the Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox, it is included with Imbolc, Betaine, and Samhain as a seasonal celebration and coincides with Lammas, celebrated by Christians. Lammas celebrates a miraculous release of the apostle Peter from prison, and some bake bread with the first harvested wheat of the season to celebrate. The ancient Gaels attached different meanings to the season.

Lughnassadh saw a large sports event, festive market, and large gathering held in honor of the god Lugh’s foster-mother, Tailltiu. Legend has it that she died planting crops for the people when they had just moved into Ireland and the ancient celebration in honor of her great love and sacrifice for the people may have started back as early as 632 BCE. Athletic competitions like running, archery, spear throwing, and high jump competitions were held, and crafts persons had competitions of their own, to see who was considered to be the best weavers, armorers, metalworkers, and jewelers at the competitions. Most surprisingly, however, special trial marriages were arranged at Lughnassadh called “Taillten Marriages.”

The couples often met for the first time there, and had a one year trial marriage called a handfasting. At the following Lughnassadh, they could make their marriage permanent, or part ways if they preferred. These marriages are documented as being done until the thirteenth century. Besides the marriages and crafts and athletic competitions, other important events were competitions for singing and storytelling, as well as dance. Legally binding agreements could be renewed and new ones could be created at Lughnassadh time as well.

August Superstitions

August Love Compatibility

Besides Lammas and Lughnassadh to celebrate the harvest and bring people together for fellowship, August is considered auspicious for many different reasons. Some people believe it is bad luck to get married in August because it means you will end up alone at some point. Oh no! The “August Curse” as it has been called, has been considered reality to some in Russia starting in 1991 where some people believed bad things were more likely to happen during the month of August. Events included train, plane, and submarine accidents that killed people, financial crashes, terrorist attacks, floods, wildfires, and explosions.

However, August isn’t all bad because it’s when harvest of wheat occurs. It is considered by some people to be proper to release some flour from the harvest to the wind as a gift of thanks to the powers that be. The Lammas bread is sometimes blessed in the church and broken into four pieces, and when placed in the four corners of the barn, is believed to protect the harvest. The grains harvested before Lughnassadh or Lammas are considered bad luck to use, and it is considered most important to express thanks for all you have accomplished thus far in the year, whether you farm or not, because it is believed by many that the spirits and deities help human beings prosper.

Special August Babies

August Love Compatibility

If you were born in August, you are very special. You are either a Leo or a Virgo, and these are two energetic signs who work hard and love just as hard. August born babies are usually born very healthy and might be taller than other babies because their mothers got the benefit of all the vitamin D from the sunny Summertime weather while they were pregnant. Babies born in Summer are more likely to report that they feel lucky, and that positive outlook is linked to better mental health and better overall health in general. Some people worry their August born baby will have an academic disadvantage because of when the school year starts. It means they are among the youngest in their class, but they have their Leo determination or Virgo work ethic to get them through it, so they can be just fine!

August Flowers of the Month

August Love Compatibility

Your flower of the month is one you can use in bags, amulets, or even to keep pressed into a book for luck. They can be planted at your home or workplace so you can absorb their energy and keeping them as cut fresh or dried flowers can ensure their power is available to you. Using images of them or even painting or drawing your birth month flowers yourself can connect you to their energy, and it is especially lucky if your birth month flower is gifted to you by somebody you love! August flowers of the month are the cheerful poppies, and the elegant gladiolus.


Various different types of poppies grow in the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The California poppy is California’s state wildflower, and the opium poppy has been used to make pharmaceuticals and the seeds are used in salad dressings and tasty desserts. In Ancient Egypt, the seeds were eaten as pain killers, and the poppy is a symbol of remembering soldiers who have died serving in war. This is because it is said that some poppies grew where some soldiers had died and were the only ones that grew again on that spot!

In Roman and Greek myth, the red poppy was offered to the dead and when placed on gravestones, represent eternal sleep, but the magical and mythic meaning of poppies isn’t limited to veneration of the dead. Poppies also represent happiness, peace, and hope. White poppies most especially symbolize peace, and you can give white poppies to somebody who needs peace or who you want to make peace with. In some parts of the world, poppies symbolize success and luxury and can be used to draw money, wealth, or help you achieve your goals. The poppy is also associated with dreams and the mystical, so you can place a vase of them by your bed, asking for prophetic dreams!


Members of the iris family, there are about three hundred kinds of these gorgeous flowers, and they occur naturally in parts of Africa, and Mediterranean parts of Europe. The word gladiolus comes from the Latin “gladius”, which means sword, and these are called “sword lilies” referencing their long stems. They represent faithfulness and are traditionally given for fortieth wedding celebrations as a result. They are also gifted to express appreciation.

They were associated with gladiators due to their shape and it was said that wore gladiolus flowers around their necks as charms to prevent death and assure victory. Gladiolus are associated with strength and can be carried or worn to grant personal power and help bring success. Maybe you are not a soldier or warrior, but want to win a court case. Gladiolus petals tucked into your bag or wallet, or a piece of jewelry made in their likeness can be carried to help with this. They also symbolize infatuation and can be gifted to somebody who you are interested in to express your attraction to them.

August Birthstones

August Love Compatibility

Besides the beautiful poppy and gladiolus birth month flowers, there are some precious stones you can draw power from if you are born in August. Some separate birth stones by sign, insisting a Leo and a Virgo will have different birth stones. However, you don’t need to. You don’t even need to separate your birthstones by day. So, the birthstone for August 22 will be the same as the birthstone for August 31. They are peridots, sardonyxes, and spinels.

To read more about power stones by birthdate be it by sign or month, see here: What’s Your Gemstone? | Mysticsense


This stone was considered a stone of healing in the Middle Ages, and it was believed it could cure depression and open a closed heart. Most people prefer to get counseling for depression over wearing a stone, but the natural energy of the peridot can help during that regimen of treatment. They are believed to be good for warding off nightmares, so wearing a peridot ring, or placing one under your pillow when you sleep is believed to help. They are also believed to shut out fears in general and can be worn and carried to ease anxiety and grant courage.

Some forms of peridot have been found in space on other planets, and some came to earth on meteorites, believe it or not. Others were formed because of molten rock and pushed to the surface of the earth by earthquakes and volcanic activity. They were believed in ancient times to be hurled to earth from explosions on the Sun, and supposedly provided the Sun’s protection against darkness. The peridot is also believed to encourage other people to react favorably to you when worn and helps prevent gossip against you. Carry the peridot to remove blockages from old patterns you need to change, and to aid in personal transformation.


A combination of onyx and orange carnelian, this stone is referred to as Sardinian Onyx. The stone is a combination of dazzling and hypnotic stripes or circles with colors ranging from lemon yellow and white to terracottas, blacks, browns, and various shades of orange and rust. Used to focus willpower after you feel you have lost hope, the sardonyx can help you regain your strength and will to move forward again. They help with focus and determination and are especially helpful at jobs to keep you working hard. It is believed the stone will help you be good with words and can help you be more persuasive.

The stone has been used for protection for generations and can be used as both protection for your physical wellbeing and as protection against emotional and psychic attacks. It is believed sardonyx enhances your sense of taste, smell, touch, and hearing, and is used to sharpen those senses and keep the wearer alert. Sardonyx is also used to draw wealth, luck, and abundance to you and will draw success in business. This is a stone that is believed to draw friends and lovers to you, all while keeping your perception sharp to ensure you choose new friends and lovers well.


Found in such places as the Baffin Islands of Canada, Vietnam, and Tanzania, spinel comes in a range of colors from blues and greens, to reds, pinks, and purples, and even comes in a clear colorless stone. Red spinels and rubies were considered to be the same stone at one point, and spinels are so popular, there are even synthetic ones being produced!

It is believed by some people that a single spinel will align all of your chakras on its own and that it immediately raises awareness of both your mental and physical bodies. It is said to revitalize and replenish your energy, so it is a great stone for workaholics- like Virgos- to use to recharge their depleted energy. It aides in determination and gives you the strength to be powerful, even under immense stress. It rejuvenates the mind and helps to enhance your personality. Carry or wear the spinel to balance the emotions, unleash creativity, and to also open up your compassion for yourself and others.

August Zodiac Signs

August Love Compatibility

If you are born in August, you are either a Leo or a Virgo. Leos are born from July 23 through August 22. Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22. Leos are dynamic, take-charge people who go out of their way to be as loyal as possible to the people they love, and they expect the same treatment. They can come across as needy or demanding, but they don’t neglect their friends and lovers. Virgos are hard-working, typically career focused individuals who are happiest when they are in charge. They come across as nitpicky and bossy, but they are doing all they can to ensure they create the best policies and environments for everybody they can.


August Love Compatibility

Leos are fire signs, and yes, they are fiery indeed! One thing they are most passionate about is spending their lives with the people they love, and if that’s you, then you can count yourself lucky. Leos are loyal for life, and they want to be involved with people they can trust to be the same way.

To read more about Leos, see here: Leo Star Sign Compatibility | Mysticsense

Leo Best Love Match

Who makes great lovers for Leos? Leos do well with multiple different signs, but Leo Leo relationship dynamics, Leo and Scorpio love matches, and Leo Libra soulmate matches are what we will explore today.

Leo Love Compatibility

Leo and Leo couples harmonize well because they understand one another completely. They both make their lovers top priority, and the Leo and Leo relationship is based on not only mutual understanding, but also mutual trust. The Leo and Leo match works well because they both love living their best quality life at all times, or as some would say “living deliciously”! They enjoy spoiling their lovers and being spoiled as well and Leo and Leo soulmates will go out of their way to provide this for one another. They need to make sure they balance decision making democratically, and take turns being the “king or queen” and being in charge. Two Leos in love can be the couple every one of their friends envy!

Leo and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Leo man and Scorpio woman love matches can be powerful. A Leo Scorpio love match can begin with love at first sight when a sexy Scorpio sees a lusciously confident Leo. Leo and Scorpio match because of their magnetic determination and plain-spoken ways of expressing themselves openly. Leo and Scorpio soulmates are both highly protective of their mates and will defend one another fiercely to anybody, even their best friends or closest family members. They both put their significant others first and refuse to be involved in relationships with people who don’t make them the most important. These two can be in love blissfully for life.

Libra Leo Soulmate Sign

Librans and Leos make amazing lovers as well as best friends, and an old saying is that happiness is being romantically involved with a best friend! Leos and Librans match one another’s senses of humor and enjoy having lots of fun and sharing plenty of laughter together. They both want to be in a long-term relationship with somebody they can tell their deepest darkest secrets to, and while Librans are known for getting tired of more predictable people, their Leo is fun loving and spontaneous enough to keep them interested. They both love collecting things, friends, and experiences, and can be perfect partners in life, enjoying everything to the fullest!

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August Love Compatibility

Virgos might get a bad rap for being picky workaholics, but they are just trying to ensure things are the best they can make them for themselves and the people they love. Is a Virgo man controlling? Not necessarily. He just knows that to get great things accomplished takes elbow grease and sweat, and he isn’t afraid to rise to the challenge to get things done. Signs a Virgo man is falling in love with you is that he takes time out of his days to devote to you, and you are a big part of his plans!

To read more about Virgo, see here: Star Sign in Focus: Virgo | Mysticsense

Best Love Matches for Virgos

Virgos will make sure you know whether or not they want to be involved with you. Virgos don’t spend personal time with people who they don’t want to. They might be nice to people who are friends of friends, but if you keep asking a Virgo out and they are “Too busy”, that’s them telling you they are not interested. You never have to wonder where you stand with a Virgo. So, who makes a great lover for a Virgo? Cancers go well with Virgos in love and Virgos are highly compatible with Pisces people. Virgos and Capricorns also make great love matches.

Cancer Man Virgo Woman Attraction

Cancers are well thought of by Virgos for a lot of reasons, including the fact that Cancers can be highly cooperative, thinking of all parties involved in a situation instead of forcing a “My way or the highway” approach on other people. Virgos can be very one wayed sometimes, but that’s only because they have gone out of their way looking at every aspect of things and have arrived at what they feel is the best way to do things that benefits everybody. Cancerians are also extremely nurturing and can help to gently guide their hard-working Virgos to take time out to rest and spend with loved ones, so they don’t get burned out. The Virgo Cancer love match is such a good love combination; we published an entire article devoted just to this topic.

Read it here: Are Virgo and Cancer a Good Match? | Mysticsense

Pisces Virgo Compatibility

Like Cancers, Pisces people are ultra-nurturing, and they are empathetic people whose goal is to make life better for the people they love. These partners have some differences, but their differences help to enhance the relationship. Pisces people are very romantic, and often have big dreams. They also have no problem taking time out from practical things and taking chances on fun. Virgo people are extremely practical, and their Pisces can bring the fun-loving side out in them, reminding them to let their hair down sometimes. Similarly, a Virgo can remind their Pisces not to shun responsibility or being practical, and these two will plan great things together and make a lot of good memories.

Virgo and Capricorn Matches

Both Virgos and Capricorns are highly reliable people who thrive on being organized, productive, and practical. They understand one another’s need to focus on career and goal setting and make a great team when it comes to planning for the future. A main goal for both signs is creating the most secure life possible. They might be said to save two dollars if they earn a dollar, but they will want for nothing once they reach retirement! They both value open, honest communication and respectfully express their feelings to one another. They both take their time getting to know people, and don’t want to get into frivolous relationships. Once these two commit to one another, they can be together forever!

For more about Virgo couples zodiac signs, see here: The Zodiac and Love for Virgos | Mysticsense

For those born in August, the magic of their month with all the things it brings will empower them all the days of their lives. Your stones of power and flowers of the month can act as mighty talismans, helping you to be the best you can be, and bring much luck, prosperity, and healing. Use the special knowledge of your Sun Sign to help you know who will make a great love match with you!

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August Love CompatibilityAbout the Author: Saoirse has studied magic and lore for most of her life, but started walking her own Magical Path after being spiritually reborn in the desert. Today she shares her gifts as a Psychic and Content Writer for Mysticsense and she writes for Pagan Pages emag.

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