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Virgo’s Most Compatible Signs: Ranked Most to Least

By Mysticsense
May 24, 2023
Virgo’s Most Compatible Signs: Ranked Most to Least
Virgo’s Most Compatible Signs: Ranked Most to Least

If you prefer to move slowly in love, and carefully build up trust in a relationship before things get intimate, chances are you’re a Virgo. Or a Virgo rising, or you have compatibility potential with one. However, past the surface level, we’re not always as compatible with the ones we admire the most.

The reserved and analytical Virgo might take a while to make a move, but, once you’ve got one in the bag, a Virgo is in it for the long run. They’re the kind of sign who knows exactly what they want, it’s likely that they literally have their type on paper, and they won’t take a chance on anything outside their very specific criteria.

Every sign has its flaws, and paired with the wrong partner, those flaws can spell disaster for a relationship. So, we’ve created a list of Virgo’s most compatible signs, from best to worst, to guide you towards your ‘happily ever after’.

Virgo personality traits

Born between the dates of 23rd August and 22 September, Virgo is an Earth sign, ruled by cerebral Mercury. Born under Mercury’s energy, Virgos are highly intelligent, and have the communication skills to articulate that intelligence better than most in the zodiac.

This intellectual sign is always learning, and has a very keen eye for detail, which some might read as perfectionism, and they’d probably be right. Whether they’re at home, at work, or with friends, a Virgo will make sure everything is in its proper place, and running according to plan (it’s not a want, it’s a need). 

Mostly, Virgos are known for being the modest and reserved type, preferring to take a back seat and ensure that the atmosphere creates a feeling of safety, intention, and peace. If not, they’re prone to dipping out at the most convenient opportunity.

Smart and ambitious, a Virgo is likely to put their career, or project of the moment, first and succeed at it, too. But this brainy sign also has the capacity to channel that same energy into the caring for their family and loved ones in their own unique way.

However, on the flip side, the same traits that make them so endearing, can also make them a tad volatile. While their ambitious nature tends to lead to Virgos being hard on themselves, their perfectionism and high standards can make them hard on others, too. This can affect both their relationships, and their self-esteem, and they can become angry or cold if they fail themselves, or they feel someone else has let them down.

Critical thinkers to the core, they can be extremely critical of others, and struggle to empathise with those from whom they demand excellence. While most think of them as shy or reserved, they tend to be the harshest to the people they love.

With all of that in mind, some signs will appeal more to a Virgo than others (and definitely vice versa), but, which of the twelve will take the top spot?

The most compatible signs with Virgo

Virgo and Taurus – Completely Compatible

Both Taurus and Virgo are Earth signs, and tend to understand each other completely. They share similar mindsets, values, and approaches to life, which a Virgo absolutely needs! 

In love, they prefer the traditional route. Meaning, they like to take things slow, analysing whether they should put their time and energy into a person before it gets too deep. They’re both as grounded as the earth itself, pragmatic to a fault, and value dependability, creating a perfect match for each other.

Four signs apart, Taurus and Virgo form a trine, which is recognised as the most balanced and harmonious angle in the zodiac. Taurus is generally quite a relaxed personality, whose energy can balance out Virgo’s tendency to overthink themselves into a state of anxious jitters. In their shared space, Taurus, under the energy of Venus, will focus on the luxury, while Virgo focuses on the logistics.

The only problem is that they’re both incredibly stubborn, making tiffs a little more challenging to settle. But, Mercury-ruled Virgo does have very strong communication skills, so, for the right lover, they’ll have to work out a way to restore the peace after the tug of war.

Virgo and Cancer – Potentially Compatible

Despite Virgo’s tendency to be hard on those they’re closest to, they also crave as much support and care as they put out – which is a lot. In this way, Cancer is a great match for Virgo, and vice versa.

Cancers are a water sign, and one thing that water signs are known for is their empathy and emotional intelligence. In a partnership, they add a dimension of emotionality that Virgo can lack, and will naturally provide the love and care that their partner deserves. On the other hand, Cancers are prone to being a touch oversensitive, which Virgo’s grounded compassion can balance.

Blessed with a highly intuitive edge, a Cancer can tap into Virgos mindset and values, even if they don’t share the same level of perfectionism. Placed two signs apart from each other in the zodiac, forming a sextile, they have a naturally friendly connection with each other, and have no problems committing long term.

The only caveat is, Cancer’s highly emotional temperament can lead to moodiness and vindictiveness, which some Virgos aren’t equipped to navigate. Plus, Virgos are often harsh on their loved ones when they don’t live up to Virgo’s very high standards, which would result in heartbreak for the sensitive Crab.

Handle with care!

Virgo and Scorpio – Potentially Compatible

Also sitting at a sextile from Virgo, is the fierce Scorpio. Much like Cancer, Scorpio is a water sign, who is both emotionally and cerebrally intelligent, and shares a similar outlook on life to Virgo.

Scorpios are known for playing their cards close to their chest, wanting to be secretively prepared for anything life throws at them. This suits Virgo just fine, as they also like to plan and control their path in life. However, whereas Scorpios are interested in claiming positions of power over others, Virgo would rather be of service. This could either work perfectly, or disastrously.

If they can balance their mutual desire for control in a healthy manner, they could form the ultimate power couple!

Another thing to watch out for is Virgo’s wrath, if and when their high standards are not met. Scorpios are more lethargic than Virgos, which is not going to bode well with the latter’s perfectionism. And, if Virgo blows up, a Scorpio is the last person to put away their sting.

With that said, if the two can balance their flaws with each other’s attributes, this could be a pairing to stand the test of time.

Virgo and Capricorn – Potentially Compatible

At a trine angle (four signs apart) from Virgo sits Capricorn. At this harmonious angle, Capricorn and Virgo create an ideal match. They’re both Earth signs, meaning they’re both grounded, hard-working, and pragmatic; qualities that they’ll both appreciate in one another.

This pair is very intelligent, and prefer to think about their life situations rationally, rather than emotionally. Although Capricorn likes the recognition for their hard work, whereas Virgo wants nothing more than to stay out of the spotlight, together they could be a successful power couple. With Virgo’s need for perfection and details, and Capricorn’s ceaseless worth ethic (something Virgo will love), they’re the perfect symbiotic match to build a business empire together.

Both just as intense as the other, these two can appreciate each other in a way that no one else in the zodiac can.

The least compatible signs with Virgo

When working with star sign compatibility, it’s important to know that our analysis is based on the general traits of the main sun signs of each zodiac. 

To truly understand how compatible one individual will be with another, you will need an understanding of your rising sign, and a calculation of the unique planetary positions of each person’s natal/birth chart. Reading natal charts is a complex and ancient practice that takes years to master. To find the full scope of a potential soulmate, consulting an expert astrologer would be the best choice.

With that said, here are the least compatible signs with Virgo.

Virgo and Aries

Aries sitting at a quincunx (five signs apart) from Virgo in the zodiac puts this pair on a bad foot. Signs at this angle from each other tend to have trouble relating to one another, and fiery Aries might be a little too much for the more reserved Virgo.

Impulsive Aries, ruled by Mars, likes to charge head on into life, not one to waste time thinking too deeply into the details. This approach to life couldn’t be any more opposing to Virgo, who, with their keen eye for details, prefers to methodically and patiently about pretty much everything. A Virgo is likely to look at an Aries and read them as chaotic, which is absolutely not Virgo’s vibe. In short, they move at vastly different paces.

One thing they do share is their ambitious nature, but it’s likely that their interests will lead them in opposite directions in the long run. However, despite their lack of romantic potential, a friendship between these two could work wonders if they can appreciate each other’s attributes and use them to improve their own flaws.

Virgo and Gemini

Gemini, mutable air sign, and Virgo, mutable earth sign, share the same ruling planet, Mercury, which gives the two the common ground of intelligence, communication, and open-mindedness. They’re both logical about their emotions, and are likely to keep each other intellectually entertained in conversation.

However, beyond that, the planets are not aligned for these two signs. For starters, the pair sit three signs apart from each other, which makes for a which is thought to be a somewhat tense angle. Their shared mutability means they’re adaptable, but also makes them indecisive, and are likely to frustrate each other.

Virgo’s meticulous attitude is likely to strike the impulsive and free-spirited Gemini as a complete bore. On the other hand, Gemini’s propensity for dishonesty and stirring will send Virgo running for the hills.

Virgo and Leo

Unfortunately for Virgo and Leo, a pairing between these two would likely never make it past a first date.

They’re placed next to each other in the zodiac, and their personalities couldn’t be more opposed. As a fire sign, Leo craves attention, and carries themselves through life like they’re their own personal sun. Virgo, on the other hand, prefer to live more modestly, and would rather not draw attention to themselves unless it’s strictly necessary – definitely not Leo’s vibe.

Virgo’s indecisiveness, and need to analytically think through decisions and potential outcomes, can frustrate the bold and confident Leo. Both signs are equally stubborn and arrogant, so, if a disagreement did arise, it’s likely that they won’t come back from it.

Virgo and Libra

Another neighbour of Virgo, Libra is a cardinal air sign. Libras belong to the seventh house of love and relationships, and make excellent romantic partners, but how do they fair with Virgo?

Both signs are intellectual, with Virgo ruled by Mercury, and Libra a cardinal sign, and neither are too emotional, either. Plus, although Virgos are known for being quite reserved, they’re also sensual beings, with a lot of sexual prowess, which will appeal to Libra’s Venus energy.

However, both signs expect the best from life, but the way in which they go about this expectation is the thing that may ultimately spell disaster. As we outlined earlier in this article, Virgos expect the best from both themselves and others, and can become quite volatile if they feel that their expectations aren’t being met. 

On the other hand, Libras just expect that the universe will simply deliver what they want, at the right time. If things don’t go their way, their happy-go-lucky optimism can quickly turn into self-pity, which Virgo just can’t stand. Virgo can quickly become resentful of Libra’s lack of self-management, and when a Virgo goes cold, they’re certainly frosty.

Virgo and Sagittarius

Much like Gemini, fire sign Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, sits three signs apart from Virgo. This particular angle, square, sets up a challenging relationship for these two signs, that would need either a lot of work, or an agreement to disagree.

Sagittarius represents everything that Virgo doesn’t look for in a partner; impulsivity (read: chaos), free-spiritedness (read: unreliability), magnetic confidence (read: centre of attention), and a lack of social filter (read: confrontational). While, Virgo’s need for perfection is enough to suffocate Sagittarius’ wild flame.

While both have strong communication skills, they choose to do so in entirely different ways. When Sagittarius speaks, it’s off-the-cuff, and provocative, whereas Virgo prefers to think carefully about what they say, and avoid confrontation. These two communication styles could learn to balance the other with time, but with personalities at odds, it’s unlikely for this pair.

Virgo and Aquarius

Another pair that are likely to butt heads is Virgo and Aquarius. Aquarians are air signs, and they like to march to the beat of their own drum, going with their own ebb and flow. Virgo on the other hand is grounded, and prefers a more structure approach to life. And, as we know, if someone isn’t living up to a Virgo’s standards, things can go sour quickly.

Following those traits, Aquarius is an imaginative thinker, who likes to think outside the box, a way of thinking that doesn’t come naturally to the pragmatic Virgo. However, although they might not gel well romantically, their intellect could stand to bring them together in a fruitful friendship. 

Both signs like to lead their lives with their heads, not their hearts, but share an interest in humanitarian issues, and a need to help others. If they can balance each other out, these two could make a great team that has the power to change the world for the better.

Virgo and Pisces

Exactly opposite, six signs apart, from Virgo is dreamy Pisces. And, unsurprisingly, Pisces is the exact opposite of everything that makes Virgo, Virgo.

Ruled my shadowy Neptune, water-sign Pisces is deeply intuitive, spiritual, artistic, highly emotional, and, frankly, chaotic. Seeing all of these qualities co-exist inside one person is more likely to strike rational Virgo as incredibly disorientating, erring on the verge of terrifying, rather than inspiring. Something a Virgo also can’t stand is dishonesty, which conflict-averse Pisces can have a tendency for.

For Pisces, Virgo’s tough-love approach to helping those they care about will likely end in tears. The Fish is an incredibly sensitive sign, and Virgos pragmatism may only clash with Pisces’ head-in-the-clouds, escapist nature.

Although, as opposite signs, they have the potential to balance each other like yin and yang. With Pisces able to prove the love that Virgo craves, and Virgo able to provide the grounded teachings that Pisces needs.

Let the divine guide you to love

Although certain signs are more compatible with one another, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be with a sign you’re not compatible with at first glance. After all, in Western astrology, there are many ways of determining who’s right for you, with the help of natal charts, and understanding your rising sign.

Natal charts are a complex and ancient practice, that take years to truly master. The best way to discover which sign is your perfect love match, is with the guidance of an expert astrologer. Speak to one of our love psychics today to help you find your path to love.

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