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What’s my Rising Sign, and What Does it Mean?

By Mysticsense
May 06, 2023
What’s my Rising Sign, and What Does it Mean?
What’s my Rising Sign, and What Does it Mean?

Many will be aware of their sun sign, the zodiac sign that ruled the skies during the month of your birth. We use our sun signs to decide which daily horoscope we read, and to explain things like why we didn’t get along with that person, on that date. But, most people rarely recognise the importance of our rising signs.

Rising signs (also known as ascendant signs) play an integral role in understanding how others perceive us and, in turn, how we perceive others. That’s because they indicate the sign of the zodiac that was rising in the east the exact moment you were born.

Having an understanding of both your sun and rising sign can provide a valuable, more nuanced, insight into yourself, and others, that you perhaps felt like you were missing?

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about rising signs and their meanings.

What is a rising sign?

Rising signs rule almost everything about you. They dictate how you perceive reality, the attributes, and flaws of your personality, your sense of who you are, how you present to the world, and the unique life cycles that will define your entire essence.

Your rising sign also establishes your chart ruler, the planet that will influence the experiences and patterns that will shape and mould your life’s trajectory. Whichever planet rose on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is instrumental in defining your lived experience, and, ultimately, how you relate to the world around you.

Your ascendant sign will also indicate which other signs rule the twelve houses of your birth chart. Your rising sign will rule your first house, and the next chronological zodiac sign will rule your second house, and so on. For example, if your rising sign in Scorpio, Scorpio will rule your first house, then Sagittarius will rule your second house, Capricorn will rule your third house, and so on.

It’s intense – we know! 

As you can see, rising/ascendant signs hold a lot of power. Discovering your rising sign, and subsequent planetary ruler, will completely awaken you to, well, yourself. It can be an eye-opening and powerful experience to finally illuminate the truth of yourself so clearly, we can’t recommend it enough.

How can I find out my rising sign?

To determine your rising sign, you’re going to need the exact time you were born (or as close to exact as you can get). This is because ascendant signs change every 2 hours, unlike sun signs, which dominate your chart for at least a month.

For instance, say you’re born on the 1st March 1997 in London, England, that would make you a Pisces, overall. However, if you were born at 1PM in the afternoon, your rising sign would be Cancer, but, if you were born just an hour later at 2PM, your ascendant would be Leo.

For this reason, it’s vital that you know the time you were born as, in some cases, a few minutes either way can result in a completely inaccurate outcome. Those who receive an accurate reading of their rising sign sometimes find that it fits more with who they are than their sun sign.

So, get rummaging for your birth certificate!

What does my rising sign mean?


If your rising sign is Aries, chances are, you’re a natural-born leader (although, you may not know it yet). A cardinal fire sign, Aries are bravery, innovation and determined. They’re highly competitive folk, who view life as a boisterous, fast-paced playing field.

They’re full of momentum and spark (they’re the first sign to kick off the rest of the zodiac, after all), and are drenched in charisma, be it overt or covertly. Their drive and competitive edge might make them good leaders, but it can also hold them back socially. Aries’ are known for being argumentative, self-reliant to the point of selfish, and have a hard time listening to the views of others that oppose their own.

Ruled by Mars, it’s no wonder Aries are so action orientated – they always need to be working towards a goal, with a drive for action also comes a recklessness that isn’t for the feint hearted.


Taurus-rising people are all about stability. They prioritise security, comfort (with a sprinkle of luxury), and long-term relationships and investments.

They’re the first Earth sign of the zodiac, and appreciate the tangible side of life, they’re very physical people who enjoy working with their hands. Their chart ruler is Venus, the planet of beauty and love, making these Venusians sensual, romantic and concerned with aesthetics. 

Simply dreamy, right? Well, Taurus is also an incredible stubborn sign, and quite adverse to change – everyone has their flaws!


Gemini, the sign of the duality. People with a Gemini rising sign are very social creatures, fantastic at communicating, adapting and entertaining. Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are very intelligent, and can use their communication skills to mediate or meddle, depending on how they’re feeling that day. 

Cerebrally blessed, Gemini-rising find the world to be an exciting, fascinating place, full of interesting people and possibilities that they can’t wait to experience. It’s that same sense of wonder that also tends to make them flighty, and all the more adventurous.


Much like their crustacean zodiac symbol, Cancers are known for their hard exteriors and elusive nature. However, this is just a defence mechanism – if you can earn a Cancer’s trust, they’ll let down their guard to reveal their sensitive and nurturing underbelly.

Cancer risings value security, loyalty, and trust, three things that will form a theme throughout their lives. Ruled by the Moon, their moods can seem as if they undulate along with the moon’s cycle, which can be they’re quick to retreat back into their shell.


Larger than life Leo-rising people will probably experience life as a series of dramas and you-just-had-to-be-there experiences.

Leo's are as drawn into the spotlight as they are thrust into it by others. They tend to naturally shine wherever they go, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as their planetary ruler is the Sun. And, as the centre of their own universe, Leo’s need to be appreciated, seen and validated in order to feel good.

It’s impossible not to be charmed by a proud Leo, but it’s helpful to remember that, underneath it all, they’re more insecure and sensitive than they might appear. So, handle with care.


Practical and grounded Virgo-rising people are most interested in learning about themselves, others and the world at large. Although, surprisingly, they’re usually quite quiet and solitary creatures, not wanting to be a burden on others.

Like Gemini, they’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which makes them excellent conversationalists, but prefer to provide input only when they feel it’s absolutely necessary. People are drawn to Virgos for their honesty (read: bluntness), and analytical outlook on life that can lead to some very helpful, unbiased advice.


Symbolised by the weighing scales, Libra-rising folk value justice, balance, harmony, and diplomacy. Another social sign, Libras love to engage in conversations concerning morals, ethics and humanitarian issues. If a debate sparks, a Libra is the perfect mediator!

Ruled by Venus, a Libra ascendant is typically the most stylish person in the room. They have an interest in aesthetics, beauty, art and romance, and are their happiest when partnered in a stable, loving relationship.

However, their deep commitment to maintaining peace and decorum, Libras sometimes have a propensity for people pleasing and indecisiveness, for fear of upsetting someone. It’s important for them to remember that, sometimes, the right decision isn’t always the easiest one to make.


If you’re a Scorpio ascendant sign, at some point in your life, someone will have described you as ‘intense’. Co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, and a fixed water sign, Scorpios are powerful, passionate, intuitive, and assertive.

On top of this, Mars-ruled Scorpio is fiercely loyal, effortlessly brave, and honest to a fault. Initially, their trust is hard to earn, but when a Scorpio has someone’s back, they’re guaranteed a level of honesty, transparency, and consistency that you will find nowhere else in the zodiac (even if the truth hurts your feelings).

All the qualities that make Scorpios fascinating individuals, also make them incredibly intense. They are prone to bouts of jealousy, power games, and stubbornness, as a result of their headstrong determination and personal ambitions.

A Scorpio rising doesn’t do things by halves – it’s either 100% all, or absolutely nothing.


If you’re a Sagittarius rising, chances are you’re full of energy, laughter, and confidence, with a magnetic quality that draws people to you. Sagittarians are notorious for their lack of a ‘social filter’ that can sometimes make others perceive them as rude or confrontational. But, a Sagittarius is a spontaneous soul who always speaks their mind, especially in situations where others won’t.

Sagittarius’ are of the Ninth House of Adventure and Learning, a house concerned with intellect and philosophical thought, as well as the need for new experiences and risk-taking. Ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, makes adventurous Sagittarius a lucky sign, always landing on their feet no matter how risky the jump.


Capricon ascendants are usually known as the stoics of the zodiac. If you value hard work, self-discipline, and practicality, your energy is probably dictated by ruling planet Saturn, the planet of commitment and responsibility.

Sometimes coming a cross as a little serious, Capricorn risings are actually wise old souls, full of sincerity and honesty, preferring to think carefully about the way they move through the world before acting.

Although, they have a tendency to get too tied up in work, so much so that they forget to let go and live once in a while. This can put a strain on personal relationships, as they can sometimes end up feeling like a professional transaction rather than intimate.


Aquarius-rising people are truly one of a kind. These Uranus-ruled folk are curious individuals, drawn to unconventional ways of life and deeply committed to the idea of community, whatever form that may take.

Eccentric and with an air of magic about them, Aquarians usually do well in the arts, culture, and languages department. You might hear some describe you as ‘impulsive’, and that might be true, but it’s an energy that also makes you adventurous, a social butterfly, and creative.


If you’re highly emotional, intuitive, and empathetic, chances are you’re a Pisces rising sign. As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisceans are an amalgamation of all the signs before them, subjecting them to the full spectrum of emotions, triggered at any given moment.

Dreamy and romantic, Pisces-rising people are typically spiritual and creative, with a psychic edge that makes others feel seen, safe, and supported.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are very prone to escapism, which can interfere with their reality in negative ways. Adverse to conflict, they also struggle to assert boundaries with others and take accountability for their own shortcomings.

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