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How to Write Spells – A Beginner’s Guide

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
September 26, 2023
How to Write Spells – A Beginner’s Guide
How to Write Spells – A Beginner’s Guide

When life feels like it’s not going in your favor, you might search for ways to take control of your own fate because you want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life and be the master of your own destiny. Some people would say human beings don’t hold that power, but people who practice magic would disagree. Practicing magic is a powerful way to manifest the life you want to, and one of the most powerful magical practices is writing your own spells. Join us in our beginner’s spell guide as we explore spell writing, why writing your own spells is important, some magical tools you can use, and 5 basic steps you can follow to customize your own spells.

What is a Spell?

How to Write Spells – A Beginner’s Guide

Most simply stated, a spellis a set of physical things you do to create a shift in energy. This energy shift will create a change in the physical realm. Spells have been around for as long as can be remembered, and the first spells were probably done by using something called sympathetic magic to create things like cave paintings. An example of this is the Maros-Pangkep karst, in Indonesia, where some of the earliest known paintings dating from over 43,000 years ago can be found. Some of the paintings depict people hunting animals, and it is believed people would draw out the successful hunt they hoped for before going hunting, in the belief that emulating what they wanted to have happened would help ensure success.

Spells can entail magic words, chanting, burning incense or resins, and using oils or crystals.However, spells can be done without using any physical materials at all, and just sending out energy towards your intention. Some spells take a long time to complete, but a spell can be worked in a single moment, by uttering a single word. There is not a perfect way for everybody to do a spell, and learning what kind of spells work best for you is the way to make sure your magic is most effective.

Why Write Your Own Spells?

There are countless spell books, grimoires, and articles available on the Internet, filled with amazing spells you can use. So, why would you bother to write spells yourself?The purpose of writing your own spells is to include your own personal energy from the beginning, and to help you custom tailor your magical workings to your own needs, talents, and skills. You can select the tools you prefer to use to do magic with, and you can change your spells when you find new ways that work best for you.

 When you begin learning how to do spells, it is important to learn as much as possible from as many different magical practitioners and sources as you can. Once you discover what your natural magical abilities are, what your preferences are, and what works best, you can write your own spells, so your magic will be most effective.

Magical Tools

How to Write Spells – A Beginner’s Guide

Everybody who does magic has their own tools to help them. Some people use wands, staffs, or swords to help direct energy and other people focus on the power of the five basic elements everything in the Universe is made up of. Other people focus on the various things besides the elements that can be found in nature. You make their own tools, but some people prefer buy their tools. 

Daggers, Wands, Swords, and Staffs

When you are doing spell work, you will want to use something to help direct the energy you raise in your work, and to help move the energy that already exists. The athame, which comes from an older word “arthame”, is a ceremonial dagger that some peopleuse to help cast and direct energy, and cut openings in circles of power in ritual. Some people use only that to move energy, but other people prefer a wand, or staff for this. A good staff can be fashioned from tree branches found in nature and crystals, precious stones, leather, metals, or any other materials that are meaningful to you can be added to them. Still other people use swords to direct energy, and some people use no tool except their own hands or fingers to direct energy.

The Five Elements

The five elements that create all things are air, fire, water, earth, and spirit, and some people make sure to have a representation of all of these with them when they are doing spells. For earth, a handful of salt, or even a blossom can be used. For fire, a lit candle is effective and for air, a feather, or a stick of lit incense can be used. For water, a seashell or a bowl of water can be used and for spirit, you need only be present in your own magic to have that represented.

Some people will have one thing representing each of the five elements in each magical spell ritual they do, but other people will focus on one element at a time. For a spell that heals the emotions, water can be used. You can bless water and take a ritual bath, symbolically washing away all emotional suffering. All five elements can be used to create this ritual bath, however. A stick of rose incense for air, representing love, and lavender representing earth, which has healing properties, can be sprinkled in the bath. The water itself will represent water, and the flame that lit the incense can represent fire. You can ask a guardian goddess to comfort you for a representation of spirit in this spell, and the words you utter of “May the goddess heal me” can be another representation of spirit.


Some people don’t write out words but rely on the power of nature to help them to work their spells. You can do spells silently, and just focus on sending energy out to the Universe. The way to cast silent spells is to quiet your mind and focus on your intention. Then, holding his intention in your mind, visualize the power of the earth moving into your feet, combining with your own energy and then moving throughout your body, a little at a time, until it finally reaches the crown of your skull. Visualize the energy combining with your intention, and then those energies moving out through the crown of your skull into the sky, and moving off into the cosmos, taking the magic away to where it needs to go to manifest your goal.

Ritual Attire

Some people say it does not matter what you wear to do magic, and others say magic won’t succeed without the correct clothing and jewelry. Scared robes of white are very popular for people to wear while casting spells, but other people say black is a protective color and they wear black robes. People will wear sacred jewelry with the symbol of their faith like crucifixes, pentagrams, or talismans made of precious stones or metal. You might believe being naked is sacred because nothing comes between you and nature when you’re are not wearing clothing, and this is called being skyclad. Some people need to wear their ritual attire to get in the correct state of mind to do magic, and some people don’t need anything special to wear to work magic.

How to Write Spells

Once you decide how working magic is best for you, and what ritual attire to wear, there are 5 easy steps you can take to create a successful spell. Set your intention, meditate to clear your mind and collect your thoughts, so you can focus, write the spell out, gather your supplies, cast the spell, and then analyze your spell over time, making any changes necessary.

Set Your Intention

Before you can write a spell, you must decide exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. Make sure to be specific about what your intentions are so the magic can reach out for your exact goals. If you want a job, be specific about what kind of job you want, where you want to work, what the pay and benefits should be, and all other things you want that job to entail. Otherwise, the Universe might offer you a job 2,000 miles away for half the pay you need. Be as specific as possible, make a list on paper if that helps, and keep all the details of what the spell is seeking to accomplish in your mind. Let your intuitive abilities guide you when you set your intention, and they won’t fail you.


Once you have decided exactly what you want the spell to accomplish, quiet your mind, and focus on what you believe it will take to write a spell that makes you manifest your wishes. Don’t make the mistake of thinking about what you prefer to do to meet your goal, but focus on what you think will work. For example, if you want a spell to help you find ways to get family members not to argue at a family gathering, focus on what makes those individuals experience happiness, instead of focusing on silencing them. Take all the time you need to think about what things you believe will make a spell successful.

Write the Spell

Next, write out the whole spell from start to finish. It is important to have a name or title for the spell, and then a list of supplies and ritual tools you will need included in what you write. Include what the best location and time of day or night is best for doing the spell, and include whether you want to cast a circle or say a prayer to bless the space you will use for the spell. Make sure to include information about any goddesses, gods, or spirits you will invite to be present for your spell, and what method you will use to thank them and tell them farewell. Write the whole spell out, one step at a time. Once you believe you have finished the spell, set it aside for a day or two and go back and read it.. This will give you a fresh mindset, so you can decide if the spell is finished or if it needs editing.

Gather Supplies

Some spells require a lot of supplies, while others require nothing more than a single lit candle. Making a list of what items you will need to do your spell can be very helpful. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to go shopping, and allow extra time if you are ordering things online to use. Some people will substitute things like clear crystal quartz crystals for rare crystals they cannot find, or a lime for a lemon, but other people insist that substitutions will completely change the results of the spell. Gather all supplies before you begin your spell, and take as long as you need to find the supplies.

Cast the Spell

The next thing to do is to cast your spell. Pay attention to how you feel while you are doing the spell and how the energy seems to flow. You might immediately feel a powerful result, or it might take time. When you are new to writing spells, it might take you a while to develop a system that works perfectly, and that is okay. After all this work, there is one more thing to do. Observe all that happens and decide whether the spell is perfect or if it needs to be changed.

Analyze and Adapt

Since you will have written the whole spell down, you will have a record of exactly what you did. Following the spell, write down any immediate observations, and then give yourself time to decide how successful the spell was. If the spell gave you exactly what you wanted, but you disliked one step to the spell, change that next time, and see what happens. As your magical practice develops, you will discover new techniques and tools, and you will find better ways to do magic to meet your goals. Sometimes the first time you create a spell, it is perfect, and sometimes you find ways to improve it over time. Keep writing more spells, and keep finding better ways to write them.

Popular Spells

How to Write Spells – A Beginner’s Guide

Now that you have a simple formula for writing spells, what kinds of spells can you do today as a beginning spell writer? You can do spells for any purpose you want, but attraction magic can help you achieve great things. The simplest way to do this is to pay attention to what it takes to attract things to you, and go do exactly that. For example, to attract love to yourself, instead of trying to change to suit somebody who is not interested in who you are, surround yourself with people who are naturally drawn to you. Things like this done in your daily life will help support any spell work you do, and all of your spells will be more effective if you first do things like this.

The Safety of Spell Writing

Some people are afraid to cast spells, terrified they might be punished or that some terrifying spirit will steal their souls away to eternal punishment. Unless you have malevolent intentions and are using magic to create great harm, you need not worry about punishment or attracting evil spirits. You should, however, shield, and banish regularly. A shielding practice of many who do magic is to wear a symbol of protection on a pendant or ring. You can also draw this symbol on your forehead with oil or holy water. You can pray to your gods or goddesses for protection, and you can also cleanse your aura to banish energy regularly. Some people spiritually bless their sacred magical working space, by cleansing it with holy water, which can just be water that was set out to catch the light of the Full Moon. Simple words such as “All spirits who attended this ritual, thank you, now go on your way in peace” is a simple banishing, and you can even say “All spirits depart from this place” to banish them.

Learn More About Spells & Psychics

How to Write Spells – A Beginner’s Guide

There are tons of resources available in books, in classes at shops, and online to teach you all about writing great spells. No two spells are exactly alike and no two people who practice magic are exactly alike, so it is best if you learn how to create spells that are just for you. As you walk your magical path, writing spells and doing magic, your abilities and knowledge will grow. Your spellwriting journey will entail trial and error, but the more spells you write and cast, the more your magic will grow.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to find a mentor who will walk your magical path with you as you learn, but other times, you learn a lot on your own. You are never completely alone, though, because there are psychics available all day every day to guide you on your spiritual journey at Mysticsense. If you sign up with us today, you get 5 free minutes to apply to readings. Join us at Mysticsense to learn about your own journey today.

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