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June Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
May 25, 2023
June Zodiac Sign Compatibility
June Zodiac Sign Compatibility


For those born in June, their month holds a lot of magic! They are either Geminis or Cancerians, and special birthstones and flowers of the month can lend them their magical energy to be the best they can be.

If you are born in June, you are very special, not only because of your zodiac sign, but because your month has its own power that is yours. Who are the strongest zodiac matches for a Cancer or Gemini, and what summer superstitions can people born in June benefit from knowing about? Read on to learn!

The Magic of June

June Zodiac Sign Compatibility

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” L.M. Montgomery

June is the sixth month of the year and may have been named after multiple things. First, it may have been named after the Roman goddess Juno, queen mother of the gods, and goddess of childbirth, protector of the state, and of funds.

Some say she is the goddess of marriage and equates her with the Greek goddess, Hera. Hera specifically protects married women and blesses marriages. Another possibility is that June was named after iuniores, which meant “younger ones” as opposed to maiores, meaning “elders” which May was possibly named after. June could have also been named after Lucius Junius Brutus, who is credited with overthrowing the Kings of Rome and establishing it as a Republic.

June also sees a Solstice around June 21st. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Summer Solstice, and in the Southern, it is their Winter Solstice. The Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year and is called Midsummer.

Midsummer celebrations begin the night before on Midsummer Eve and entail gathering medicinal herbs for healing for the year. It is believed the herbs gathered then are especially potent and have extra healing power. Bonfires are lit to drive out malevolent energies and spirits that cause disease and misfortune, and in some places, love divination is practiced.

Unmarried women would gaze into a well in hope of catching a view of what their future husband will look like. They would gather seven different flowers at the Solstice and believed placing those under their pillows would make them dream of their future spouse.


One historic site visited is Stonehenge. The Summer Solstice sunrise aligns with what is called the Heel Stone there, and it is believed by many that Stonehenge was erected as a religious center and the Solstice was observed as a powerful religious high day there.

Stonehenge has been studied for generations, and other major solar events align with other stones in the structure. Burials as well as evidence of fires have been discovered. Whether it was a funerary site, or a place used to keep track of the movements of the Sun, or both, people today feel a lot of powerful magic at Stonehenge.

June Superstitions

June Zodiac Sign Compatibility

In ancient Rome, mid to late May was seen as the most auspicious time to get married. It is believed because Juno and Hera were guardians of marriages, that June, possibly named for Juno, was the best time to marry. To this day, many favor June weddings.

Roses picked on Midsummer are said to keep fresh until Christmas, and girls should scatter red rose petals and chant, “Rose leaves, rose leaves, rose leaves I strew. He that will love me, come after me now” as a love charm at midnight on Midsummer Eve. It is believed that on the next day their love will arrive.

Some say rains on Midsummer Day will mean that corn will be damaged and there will be few walnuts or hazels, but that pears, apples, and plums will be okay. It is said that what is best for corn is for a June with calm weather, and a rainy June will ensure the weather in September is dry. It is said that if June is cold and rainy, it pretty much ruins the rest of the year and if it’s sunny in June, there will be an early harvest.

Snow peas planted in spring will be ready near the first week in June, and roses will be abloom. Snow peas are considered lucky because the nitrogen they place in the soil benefits other plants, and roses? Well, roses are so highly spoken about magically, they get a whole section for themselves! However, a magical spell to stay beautiful entails cherries and snow peas.

Take seven snow peas and seven cherries, placing the snow peas in your right hand and the cherries in your left. Eat a snow pea and then a cherry, and alternate eating them one at a time until they are all eaten. Do this every day for three days before meeting with somebody who you want to see your beauty, and do this every day for two weeks for even better results.

Special June Babies

June Zodiac Sign Compatibility

If you are born in June, you are very special indeed! June born babies are smart for some reason. Most Nobel Prize winners were born in June. Statistically, June babies are not at high risk for a lot of major illnesses or diseases, but June born people do have a slightly higher risk of cardiovascular disease, so drink lots of water, eat healthy, and get plenty of exercise to stay well if you were born in June.

June born babies are more likely to be taller than babies born in non-summer months, according to a study in the UK. You might also need less sleep than most people because studies find that people born in June are likely to stay up later than people born in other months.

Perhaps the luckiest part of being a June born baby is that you are less likely to develop disorders like depression, seasonal affective disorder, or schizophrenia, and more likely to be optimistic!

June Flowers of the Month

June Zodiac Sign Compatibility

If you are born in June, your two flowers of the month are the fragrant honeysuckle, and the majestic rose! You can plant your flowers of the month to gain power from, carry them with you as talismans, or buy or create artistic images of them to absorb their power.


Called the “Queen of all flowers”, there are over three hundred types of roses, and they are so popular, with there being over ten thousand different cultivars of them! Roses were first found in Europe over twenty-three million years ago, and in the Americas as early as thirty-three million years ago.

The rose, as we know it, came to us from China in the eighteenth century, and roses are rated as the most popular garden flower. Mostly used as ornamental flowers, they are also used in making perfumes and potpourris as well as a product called rose water that is used as an astringent, and roses are used for cooking, teas, and baking as well. Various parts of the rose are used medicinally and in vitamins.

In history, the rose was used to reveal truths. The prophet Mohammed suspected one of his wives of being unfaithful, and he gave her red roses, and requested she threw them into water. When she did, they turned yellow, which revealed she was guilty.

The rose is connected to the Egyptian goddess Isis, and the rose represents a doorway you can step through to attain knowledge. The rose was also an indication a Jewish woman was innocent after she had been accused of being unfaithful, and sentenced to be burned, but the fires engulfed her accuser instead. A red rose sprang up where he was burned, which represented his dishonesty, and a white rose sprang up where she stood, revealing her innocence.

Representative of love, most especially the passionately colored red roses, these flowers are often used to do love spells and to express love, but also, believe it or not, roses are used for protection. In particular, roses that have thorns are deemed protective.

You can plant many of them around your home to block bad energies or spirits, but roses also draw affection and beauty to you. It is believed that wearing perfumes that smell like roses bring lovers to you, and that using crushed rose petals and sugar to cover a photo of somebody you are in love with will make them more attracted to you.


Growing all over old properties, on the edge of woodlands, and nearby waterways and even close to ditches, the fragrant honeysuckle grows wild in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. Seen as invasive to some, there are over one hundred eighty different types of it.

Also called woodbine, honeysuckles are considered by many to be connected to the fae because of their sweet fragrance, and if you harvest honeysuckle, leave the best of it on the vines for the fae to enjoy.

The vine of the honeysuckle is used in spell work to tie people together because its sweet fragrance “sweetens” their hearts to one another. Wearing perfume made from honeysuckle will make somebody like you more and be more generous with you, be it a lover, a friend or family member, or even a co-worker.

Rubbing crushed honeysuckle on the forehead is said to make your intuition more powerful. It is written that growing honeysuckle at home keeps the marriage happy and also invites prosperity into your life while providing protection. If you’d like to get married, bring blooming honeysuckles indoors to help encourage that.

June Birthstones

June Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Your birthstones, like your birth month flower, can provide energy to strengthen your personal power. You can wear them as jewelry to keep them close, or carry them in wallets, purses, or charm bags.

Parcels of them can be kept in drawers with clothing to charge them with the power of the stones, and your birth stones can be kept in bowls and on wreaths around the home, garden, or office. Luckily there are three birthstones for June and those are pearls, moonstones, and alexandrines. 


It is said that pearls are created by a living being self-nurturing itself. Some foreign object will get in with an oyster, clam, or mussel, and the creature immediately secretes a deposit to cover the particle of whatever it is, so it doesn’t irritate their soft, delicate flesh.

They keep doing multiple layers of this protective substance, and that creates pearls. It is believed goddess wisdom can be obtained from pearls, and they bring the energies of harmony and balance. They are used to calm and ground you and are placed around the home to bring harmony.

They are used and worn to help increase self-love and are used as protective stones that block people’s ability to drain you emotionally. In parts of Asia, brides wear pearls to symbolize fertility, and in the West, they are worn by brides and given as wedding gifts to symbolize purity and a new beginning. Pink pearls symbolize good fortune, while black pearls represent wealth and freedom. Wear pearls to gain wisdom and for protection.


The Romans believed that moonstones were rays of the Moon that had solidified, and both Greeks and Romans associated moonstones with their lunar deities like Luna and Artemis. Moonstones are used in meditation because it is believed they calm and still the mind, and the shiny surface of them makes for a good point of visual focus. Since it was understood the Moon affects waters, moonstones are used as talismans for protection during journeys over water. They are also used to keep things from being lost and can be put in bags, purses, cars, and wallets as well as on children and pets for this purpose.

Sometimes called the “lovers” stone, moonstones can be exchanged by lovers after a fight to assure they make up and stay together. It is said moonstones can also be successfully used in love spells.

Under the Full Moon, hold the moonstone, praying for your lover to come to you and carry the stone wherever you go until the next Full Moon to make it come true. Blue moonstones are said to be especially helpful in developing psychic abilities and rainbow moonstones, which are a kind of labradorite, are used to boost creativity.


Displaying a variety of different color possibilities, the extremely valuable alexandrine can be green in the day and turn red in the night. It is so rare that most people never get to see one. Discovered in the mountains of Russia in the 1800s, it was named after the future Czar Alexander II.

Alexandrine can be used to help you to regain hope when you have it rock bottom and have given up, and helps you to attain emotional maturity and happiness. It is especially powerful at helping you regain a sense of direction when you feel you have lost your way on your path, and helps you balance and center your mind.

Used by royalty, it is believed to have protective qualities and represents wealth. It is used to align your physical, spiritual, and emotional selves to one another and is used to increase intuition and spirituality. Use alexandrine to help you hear your own inner voice and be able to read other people’s emotions.

It is especially good for navigating times of change, and emotionally accepting transitions that can be stressful. Because the stone changes color, it can help you see both sides of situations and be able to examine issues from every perspective.

June Zodiac Signs

June Zodiac Sign Compatibility

If you are born in June, you are either a Gemini or a Cancer. Geminis are born from May 21 to June 20 and Cancers are born from June 21 to July 22. Geminis are social, intellectual, and able to moderate and see both sides of arguments. They can come across as dishonest and two faced, but they are not necessarily liars.

They meant it when they mediated a fight between employees and agreed with points both parties made. Cancers are emotional, sympathetic, and frugal. They can come across as miserly and snippy, but they are just trying to be cautious about finances, and they will apologize if they let their moods get the better of them.

Personalities aside, are Gemini men attracted to mentally unstable people and is a Cancer man controlling in relationships? What good relationship zodiac matches are there for both signs? Read on to find out.


Represented by the Twins, Geminis can truly seem like two different people depending on the situation. One moment, they may seem fun-loving and easy going, and the next, they may be giving you a piece of their mind, telling you that you are the cause of your own problems.

It’s not that they are different people, it’s just that they can adapt when they deem it necessary and are able to quickly change to fit whatever need they think there is. These highly adaptable people are smart and need lots of intellectual stimulation. Attracting Gemini men is easy when you have a lot of interesting things to talk about.

They might be good at counseling people who have problems, but they are not, in fact, attracted to instability. They just know what it takes to make people feel better. Are Gemini men moody? Not really, they are like anybody else, and have a range of emotions they are not ashamed of showing.

Are Gemini men shy? In a way, they can be shy about revealing every thought they have, and that can act in their favor in business when keeping opinions under wraps is seen as respectful.

Best Gemini Love Matches

Zodiac pairings for Geminis vary. In a way, they literally get along with everybody because they mediate well and know how to talk to most people successfully. However, zodiac signs and love matches for a Gemini are different. Generally, Geminis make great partners with Libras, Aries, and Leos.

Geminis and Libra Love Matches

Are Gemini men good in bed? It depends on who they are making love to! Soulmate zodiac signs compatibility between Libras and Geminis is very powerful. Both signs are great at socializing and get along well with most people who they meet. They both love a variety of hobbies and love to learn and travel.

They love new experiences and enjoy doing those new things with a partner. Are Gemini men jealous of their social butterfly Libra lovers? Absolutely not. They love having somebody at their side who matches their energy levels and also has an insatiable appetite for enjoying new experiences, meeting new people, and enjoying life to the fullest. A perfect couple!

Gemini and Aries Matches

Another power match for a Gemini is an Aries. Known for their passion, enthusiasm, and high energy levels, Aries people match well with Geminis who are the same way. Both Aries and Geminis love variety and neither of them want to inhibit their curiosity about life, love, and the world in general.

This is said to be a powerful combination in the bedroom, as both signs love being spontaneous, and appreciate having a lover who is the same way. Aries people can be quick to anger, and Geminis know just what to do to help them find solutions to what upsets them, and they do so in such a way that does not come across as condescending. These two will have many high energy adventures and a lot of passion together. A wonderful match!

Leo Gemini Lovers

One of the best sexually compatible zodiac signs for a Gemini is a Leo. Like Aries people, Leos don’t normally have a lot of inhibitions, and they are as passionate about their lovers outside the bedroom as they are in it. Leos make their significant others the center of their world, and Geminis love to have a partner at their side who will completely commit to them.

Leos love being spoiled and having a lover who communicates openly with them. Geminis will be open and honest with their significant others, and Leos will not be lovers long term with somebody who isn’t. Leos may not have the lust for adventure Aries and Libras do, but they will be crazy for their Gemini, and go along for the adventure!


A Cancerian man and commitment go hand in hand because Cancers make family, friends, and lovers the center of their world. What Cancer men want is somebody to spend their life with, and Cancer men are the worst at emotionally detaching when they love somebody. The Cancer man silent treatment if they are upset might confuse people into thinking he doesn’t care, but that’s not one of the Cancer men characteristics.

He will start talking sooner than you think, and he might not be quiet about his feelings for a while. Are Cancer men jealous of their lovers? They can be, but only if you don’t put them first, and why would you make that mistake? A Cancerian will stick by you for life if they love you.

Best Cancer Zodiac Sign Pairings

Who makes a good partner for a Cancer? Cancers seem to love more people than just the folks who love them back. Not everybody makes a good lover for a Cancer though, and that’s because a Cancer will put up with being neglected sometimes, even if they are not dependent on a lover. They are just very loyal. Great matches for Cancerians are Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces people.

Cancer Taurus Love Matches

This is a top match for both signs because their idea of a good home life matches. They both value stability and take their time getting to know people they are drawn to. A Cancer will typically decide before a Taurus will that they want to be lovers with someone, but once a Taurus commits to you, they will be with you for life if you allow it.

This pleases Cancerians immensely. Both signs love to stay home and have their “nest” or house stocked with all the comforts they and loved ones would ever need. They value long term stability and security and will plan for the future financially. They will work together as a perfect team and have a wonderful life together.

Virgo and Cancer Couples

Like Tauruses, Virgos plan and go above that and organize as much of the planning themselves. Some signs are put off by this because they feel bossed around by Virgos, but once their Cancer trusts them, they will be happy to allow them to lead sometimes.

Cancers are very good at planning and saving themselves, and these two make a great financial team, saving more than a lot of couples do, and putting long term plans together for a stable future.

Virgos are persnickety about hygiene and health, and Cancerians love to be watched over. Virgos will accept some nurturing from their Cancers, and this couple could very well be together for life.

Cancer Pisces Soulmates

Cancers are probably the most sensitive people in the zodiac, except for Pisces people, and Pisces people might be even more sensitive. Both signs will devote all their time to their significant other, putting their mate first, and with both of them bringing this attitude to the relationship, it makes them both feel loved and valued. Both signs are very nurturing, but Pisces brings something special to the table that benefits Cancers.

Pisces people have the ability to be just as responsible and frugal as Cancers, but they have more of a talent of letting their hair down and doing spur of the moment fun things. They remind their Cancer not to be all work and no play, but do so in such a way their Cancer is not worried about being frivolous. This is a fantastic pairing for both signs.


If you are born in June, you are very lucky. You are smart, strong, healthy, and either a flexible Gemini or sympathetic Cancer. The power of roses and honeysuckles will bring you luck, love and protection, and your pearl, moonstone, and alexandrine birthstones will soothe your mind, balance your emotional and spiritual selves and offer much protection. Lucky you!

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