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Zodiac Signs Worst Matches

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
August 07, 2023
Zodiac Signs Worst Matches
Zodiac Signs Worst Matches

It seems like you can find articles everywhere that discuss the best compatible love combinations for each of the zodiac signs. This makes sense, as everybody wants to know who their best matches are! Instead, wouldn’t it be interesting to discover the worst zodiac combinations all in one place?

This article will discuss the zodiac signs worst matches, offering solutions for how the worst zodiac matches can work through their differences, get along, and use their seemingly opposing qualities to make great teams. We will explore the worst matches for each of the signs in the following order:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

While our Sun Signs make us naturally more drawn to people who we can harmonize with, they also make us feel repelled by certain people for a lot of different reasons. Any long-term relationship will have its ups and downs, and one of the most powerful symbols of love is tolerance of the fact that nobody is perfect.

While we form powerful bonds with lovers, friends, and people who we love working with, we also pull away from people who we don’t always need to. Selfish lovers, toxic relationships, and awful teammates are all people who we could all do without, but sometimes, we are drawn to somebody who seems so different than we are. We ask, is there a way we could make this type of relationship work?

When compatible signs come together, it can seem like the whole world is completely harmonized. Don’t think that there are no love lessons we can learn from teaming up with people who we clash with, however.

Thankfully, you won’t need to cast love spells or speak to a love psychic to learn how to get along with each other. The personality traits that make us want to lock horns with people can also be used to make us harmonize better. These qualities allow for amazing opportunities to use our differences to help one another, and we can team up and get more done together with people who have different talents than we could with people who are exactly like us.

Aries Worst Matches

We’re starting with Aries in our discussion around the zodiac signs worst matches. Aries people are strong-willed, energetic, take-charge individuals who are very enthusiastic and have no problem taking risks, especially if something sounds like fun. What they can’t endure is somebody trying to tell them to stop when they are in the middle of taking a huge chance on something they are excited about.

They don’t do well with people who find them overly aggressive, and they don’t appreciate being treated like they are not serious individuals just because they are passionate. Your Aries might get mad and say some strong words on occasion, but deep down, under all that forceful energy, they really are sensitive individuals who work best with people who understand that.


Taurus is one of the signs that is not considered to be a perfect match for Aries. This is because Aries men and women can be very spontaneous, and make a quick decision to go do something based on a hunch that a Taurus would consider reacting on a whim. While Taureans like to plan things out more, Aries people will take leaps of faith that Tauruses consider too risky.

This can be a major contention point, but it can also be a great opportunity for these two to collaborate and pull one another out of their comfort zones. If the Aries can sit down and do some planning with their Taurus sometimes, they can get their Taurus onboard with nearly anything. On the other hand, if the Taurus can take some risks sometimes, their Aries will appreciate them having some faith in them.


Cancers are not always good matches for Aries. Aries’ men and women can be very outspoken, and Cancerians are emotionally very sensitive. Aries people sometimes go off on a rant or angry tangent, and after they have vented, calm down to the point they act like nothing ever happened. This can rattle a Cancer’s nerves to the point they are in tears, and their Aries might be wondering why their Cancer is upset, most especially if the Aries was not in any way complaining about their Cancer.

These two can be a match made in hell for this reason, or they can harmonize their differences very well. If the Cancer can be understanding of their Aries’ need to blow off some steam and the Aries can be mindful of what upsets their Cancer, the two can comfort and encourage one another.

Taurus Worst Matches

Why are Tauruses so hard to love? A dirty secret is that they aren’t, and another of their secrets is they have a difficult time if they feel like they don’t have enough people to love and nurture. The best match for a Taurus woman or man is somebody who wants all that attention and who can keep a Taurus woman’s secrets. Taurus people are private homebodies who don’t want their business shared with strangers, and they would prefer to stay in with loved ones than partying on the town.

While some people find that very comforting, others find that very boring, and some signs don’t like the meaning of lovers as a Taurus defines it. They are committed, and they prioritize the people they love above all else. Some signs feel suffocated by this, and others can’t imagine being without it.


When it comes to zodiac signs and love, Sagittarians will commit when they want to, but they don’t want to feel tied down even then. A Taurus can view the Sagittarian’s need for personal time away from the relationship as them pulling away, and their Taurus will want to have a heart-to-heart talk, which can be annoying to Sagittarians.

Sagittarians are also very adventurous, and their Taurus won’t want too much time away from home. This combination can work if both are willing to compromise and let the other decide what their plans are. It’s nice to relax at home, and even an adventurous Sagittarian needs some rest, but a Sagittarian can be the ultimate fun maker and show their Taurus the world. Together they can have the best of home and adventuring.


Taurus people are very reliable, and set in their ways, whereas a Gemini can be highly changeable. One minute, a Gemini can be very laid back, and the next, they can be exactly the opposite and be a nervous wreck over what a Taurus might view as a very small thing. A Gemini may find a Taurus to be an inflexible stick in the mud and a Taurus can find a Gemini to be flighty, fickle, and unreliable.

Communication is the key to getting a good partnership between these signs, and that entails complete honesty. If the rock steady Taurus can accept their Gemini’s changeability, and their Gemini can appreciate the reliability of their Taurus, honest dialogues can make this team unbeatable.

Gemini Worst Matches

Geminis seem like they can talk to anybody and that they never meet a stranger. In business, they are the ones who seem to be able to talk anybody into anything, and they are great at mediating disputes.

All of these things make them highly sought after in professional settings, and in relationships, they seem to always be surrounded by adoring friends who think they are the next best thing since sliced bread. Despite all these wonderful qualities, they are as imperfect as any other sign.

Geminis can be dishonest, telling one person something, but somebody else something entirely different. They love to flirt, and this can be off-putting to people they are romantically involved with. They get bored easily and may discard a lover who does not entertain them enough.


A Virgo is not the best zodiac love match with a Gemini, simply because Virgos have a hard time taking Geminis seriously. Virgos are workaholics, and while Geminis are in no way lazy, they are not afraid to goof off at work, and Virgos find it annoying how Geminis seem to get things done beautifully all while having a ball. Virgos will want to plan everything out and organize things their way, but when a Gemini is involved, they don’t want to be micromanaged or told the way everything should be.

Virgos are very good at whatever it is they are doing because they have researched and tried to find the best way of doing things. Furthermore, if their Gemini can be onboard to allow them to take the lead sometimes, and their Virgo lets their hair down and has some fun, these two can get great things accomplished, and have a good time doing so.


Pisces people connect emotionally, and while Geminis can do that with certain people, they are focused on having mentally stimulating experiences they enjoy, and they may not be as mindful of other people’s emotions as their Pisces would like them to be. A Pisces woman or man can find this heartbreaking, and they soon discover that Geminis are also not opposed to relationships they are not completely emotionally attached to.

So, while the Gemini is having fun experiences, a Pisces may feel used and ditched. If this is not the case, these two will have to meet each other in the middle. Not everything has to be about emotional fulfillment in life, and a Gemini can teach a Pisces this. A Pisces can give a Gemini all the emotional support they need, because believe it or not, even a fun-loving Gemini needs that.

Cancer Worst Matches

Cancerians are emotional people who want to connect on a soul level in their relationships, and even workplace connections need to be meaningful to them. They prioritize family and close friends over everything else and while they take work seriously, their focus in life is the people who they love.

Cancerians don’t do well in relationships with people who they don’t feel are completely focused on them, and they don’t do well if they feel they are being told off by people. They do best in relationships they feel are long-term, and with people who put them first.


Sagittarians want to have fun, and feel they have complete freedom to do whatever they want to do. Cancerians want to know where their loved ones are, what they are doing, and when they are coming to see them next. A Sagittarius can feel very trapped by this, and a Cancer may become suspicious that their Sagittarian is not focused on the relationship. If these two truly love one another, they will focus on coming together instead of fighting.

A Sagittarian in love will certainly be focused on their relationship and make sure the people who love them know their whereabouts. They will also take them along with them. A Cancer in love with a Sagittarian will stick by them and let them lead them to the ends of the earth on a lot of good adventures, and they will make great memories together.


Librans love to be emotionally supported, and they value trust and stability in their relationships, which Cancers happily provide. However, of all the zodiac signs partners, Libras will not hold back sharing what they feel to be necessary truths, and Cancers don’t always feel this is helpful. While Cancers don’t expect everybody to believe they are perfect, they don’t like regular reminders that they aren’t, and Libras can be very blunt when they share their wisdom sometimes.

Cancerians do value honesty, however, and they appreciate being told the truth in ways that don’t feel like criticisms. If their Libra can soften their approach to how they speak their minds about things, their Cancers will not feel nitpicked, and they can have a great relationship.

Worst Compatible Signs for Leo

Understanding a Leo is simple. They are king or queen, and they want people in their lives who are their king or queen as well. They like to have relationships with people who they can look in the eye and admire, and they especially respect plain-spoken people who don’t hold back their views.

Who are Leos attracted to? The perfect match for Leo men and women is someone with a strong sense of self and who carries themselves with pride. They should also be somebody who will prioritize their Leo above everybody else and whose dedication is unquestionable.


Taureans ability to nurture attracts Leos, but Leos will be shocked by the fact that Tauruses want to be the boss. They are not the bossiest sign in the zodiac, but they do like being in charge of things in relationships because they want to spoil everybody. They can be very laid back as well, and very understanding when Leo’s emotions make them roar and fuss.

Tauruses will want to make everything better, and Leos love that. If the Taurus can behave as an equal to their Leo instead of trying to be in charge, this zodiac combination can be a lifelong bond.


Unlike Tauruses, Virgos are not quite as nurturing, and they have no issue making it clear they expect to be in charge. Leos will not be dominated, and they want a partner who they see as an equal, but Virgos can be quite domineering. Virgos do, however, commit and stay by the side of the people who they decide to share life with, and this can make their Leo trust them.

The way for this relationship to work, be it a personal one or a workplace relationship, is for the Virgo to treat their Leo with respect, and to demonstrate over time they are sticking around for good. Leo will appreciate that very much and show the same amount of dedication to their Virgo in return.

Virgo Worst Matches

Sixth in our list of each zodiac sign’s worst matches is Virgo. Virgos might behave as if they can do everything all on their own, but nobody can, and anybody who is involved with a Virgo knows it. They are hard-working, capable people who will dedicate themselves to whatever they feel is worth it, and they dedicate themselves to relationships just as much as they do to the things they are working on.

They take their time getting to know people before they decide to commit to them, because they commit for life. Not only that, but they don’t always expess emotions when they are getting to know people, but once they are committed, they share themselves completely.


Sagittarians are fun-loving people who can circle with a lot of groups and individuals and then completely disappear. This makes Virgos very uncomfortable, and they feel they cannot trust people who they feel are unreliable. Sagittarians tend to see some Virgos as overly serious individuals who are unnecessarily critical, and it gets on their nerves. In business, however, Sagittarians focus their energies completely on their talents and Virgos appreciate and respect this hard work.

In relationships, if a Sagittarius really loves you, they may need their personal freedom, but they always return to you. The key not success between these two signs is for a Virgo to give their Sagittarius all the freedom they need, and then welcome them with open arms whenever they come back to them.


Virgos want to be the boss, and Librans refuse to be bossed around. However, Libras love to harmonize, and they are masters at balancing their gifts with the gifts of other people. If a Virgo can be open-minded enough to listen to their Libra and collaborate with them instead of trying to be in charge of them, their Libra will appreciate the respect and reciprocate by listening to their Virgo’s ideas.

A Libra would really prefer to work with people in mutually beneficial ways, and Virgos just want things to go well. This can be one of the strongest teams in the zodiac if they can both cooperate with each other.

Libra Worst Matches

Understanding a Libra man or woman is as simple as knowing they just want to get along with everybody, and they are willing to fight for it if they feel pushed to. They really would rather keep things pleasant, but they match energies. If you yell and criticize, they will have choice words for you as well. They want to get along, but that does not necessarily mean that they like you or want to be in a close relationship. The best match for a Libra will be somebody who they find pleasant and who makes them feel that all is well.


A Capricorn might not be the best match for a Libra, but they do share some qualities they can focus on if they want to make a relationship work. They both want to keep things peaceful and running smoothly, and while they may disagree on the best way to do that, they are both smart enough to know that compromise is better than fighting.

They both have no issue fighting if they feel it is necessary, and this can be a strength for them because when they are on the same side of something, they can be unstoppable together. Furthermore, they make a better team than a lot of signs do together, and they just have to remember that when disagreements arise.


Libras don’t always make the best Scorpio partners unless they have decided to commit to one another, and when this commitment happens, nothing seems to be able to come between them. Scorpios can be very bossy and Librans refuse to be bossed around, but Scorpios are very protective, and a Libra appreciates that.

Both Librans and Scorpios are very loyal to who they love, and neither of them will stay in a relationship they feel they have grown beyond. Knowing this about each other makes them both confident they are in a relationship that is healthy. They just have to understand that they are both the boss, and are partners, and they can be together forever.

Scorpio Worst Matches

Scorpios are magnetic people whose willpower seems to get them through the worst of times, and it seems to create the best of times for them. They have powerful focus and dedication, and they speak with authority because they make sure they know what they are talking about before they open their mouths. They tend to excel at whatever they do, and they earn the admiration of many.

Scorpios are very in touch with their sexuality, and they keep their business to themselves, earning them a reputation for being mysterious. They might be admired by many, but that doesn’t mean that just anybody can have them.


Tauruses and Scorpios both take their time getting to know people and committing to relationships, so when they are committed, they are in it for the long haul. They also focus on family and friends, and they both love spending time at home. They both love to protect and nurture their loved ones, and they expect the same from the people who say they love them as well.

While Taureans and Scorpios share a lot of the same qualities, the issue is that sometimes they are so much alike, they can butt heads! They can both be extremely stubborn and tell people that they can take it or leave it if they disagree. If they can both be flexible with one another, this can be an extremely powerful relationship.


For a Scorpio man, secrets can be important, and a Leo will view secrets in relationships as betrayals. Scorpios can also be domineering and think their way is best, and a Leo will remind a Scorpio that nobody is their boss. Scorpios don’t like that very much, and can feel disrespected. Both signs, however, make the people who they are involved with their number one priority and if they can focus on that, all other problems can be worked out.

Sagittarius Worst Matches

Sagittarians see life as an adventure, and they want to enjoy themselves. Not everybody understands their need for joy in life, and some people think they are superficial, flaky, and childish. Some see their desire to do what makes them happy as irresponsible, but the truth is, Sagittarians are good at finding out what it is they love to do, and working that into their lives in such a way that they excel. They are high energy, and not everybody can keep up with them.


Capricorns are as serious about making their lives the way they want them to be as Sagittarians are about having a good time, and sometimes, this makes them find one another unappealing. On the job, however, if they have the same goal, they can make great partners, and Sagittarians will add fun to the job, so everybody has a good time.

Romantically, they are both sex machines, but a Capricorn will typically want to reserve sex for a committed relationship and a Sagittarian will be more onboard for no strings attached fun sex. As long as these two have the same goal, they can team up well, and stick together.


Taureans can be very set in their ways, to the point of boring a Sagittarian to sleep. Sagittarians, on the other hand, can be so varied in all that they do, their Taurus might think they are a total mess of a human being, and dismiss them entirely. A Taurus needs to nurture the people who they are involved with, and a Sagittarius might feel like a Taurus is trying to smother them.

On the job, these two are going to have to set their differences aside and just focus on their work. In relationships, both signs focus on the people who they truly love, but if they don’t love each other, this relationship is doomed.

Capricorn Worst Matches

The key to understanding a Capricorn man is to watch and listen. They are called Capricorns because they are considered to be “capricious” which means they have sudden mood or behavioral changes. One minute, they will be serious, and focused on something they say is very important, and the next minute, they will be crying their eyes out because they feel overwhelmed.

They are focused, and driven to excel at whatever they are doing, and they tackle projects with the same dedication they do their relationships. A surefire way to know if a Capricorn is into you is that they reach out to you often, and they spend a lot of time with you. They surround themselves with people who can tolerate their mood swings, and they can’t endure people who they can’t take seriously.


A Capricorn will not be one of the best matches for Aries people simply because a Capricorn will have difficulty not telling an Aries what to do, and an Aries does not stand for that. Aries people are also very genuine, and can find the changeability of a Capricorn’s moods to be phoniness. Aries’ men and women also have powerful energy to move forward with things, and Capricorns plan more carefully, which can make an Aries irritated at feeling held up.

An Aries also takes themselves just as seriously as a Capricorn takes themselves. However a Capricorn can be dismissive of an Aries man or woman’s passionate and fiery mannerisms, and can find them downright exhausting when they get upset. However, that’s exactly how Aries people feel when a Capricorn has a moody meltdown. These two signs have some differences, but their similarities can annoy one another to the point they split apart, but it doesn’t have to. They can empathize with one another’s need for reassurance and be great allies.


“Why are Capricorns so cold-hearted?” Leos ask. A Capricorn will approach relationships with a much more serious demeanor than a Leo, and they can be frustrated at first with how strong a Leo can express interest. Leos can sometimes tell very soon after meeting somebody if they want to be involved with them or not, and a Capricorn will need more time.

However, while a Capricorn may find a Leo to be overly bold, Leos can find Capricorn’s emotional displays to be over the top and might flat out inform their Capricorn they need to calm down. If they are drawn to one another, it is because opposites attract.

A Capricorn can find a Leo’s doting refreshing if they like them, and a Leo really enjoys somebody who is dedicated. One thing is for certain about Capricorns, when they decide they want you in their life, they will stick around, and Leos are just as loyal.

Aquarius Worst Matches

Aquarians are the most unique people you will ever meet, and no two of them are the same. Each Aquarian is completely original, and they do things on their own terms and in their own ways. They are not the best team players, but they are excellent at leading teams.

As long as they are making the rules, Aquarians are fun, fair, and their goal is to make everything, including the world itself, better. They don’t enjoy being around people who call them weird, and they cannot stomach being forced into conformity.


Aquarians are as outspoken a Librans, and Cancers don’t like being told things in blunt ways. The trick to communication with a Cancer when they are emotional, which is pretty often, is to sugarcoat things and make them feel good about whatever you are telling them. If an Aquarian can do that, their Cancer will appreciate them more than words can express, but Cancers can be more emotionally attached than Aquarians might like.

Aquarians are not the free birds that Sagittarians are, but they have to select the people who they attach to, and even then, they need some space. If they can use gentle words to express themselves to their Cancer, and their Cancer gives them some space, these two can work things out.


Capricorns are serious individuals who not only keep to the rules, but they also enforce the rules. Aquarians, on the other hand, make their own rules, and they break any rule they feel needs to be broken. A Capricorn will look at an inventive Aquarius as an oddball who can’t keep the status quo, and an Aquarian will see a Capricorn as somebody who is unnecessarily inflexible.

However, both signs are hardworking, and they can balance their natural approach to things well. This is because sometimes, keeping things as they are is good, and others, making changes is necessary. They can bring their own perspectives to all situations and together, they can decide the best way to do things.

Pisces Worst Matches

We’re finishing with Pisces in our discussion around the zodiac signs worst matches. Pisces people are focused on relationships and helping as many people as possible. They are naturally empathic and use this ability to understand people’s feelings and needs. They, however, can neglect their own needs, and become emotionally overwhelmed. Then, they need to pull away and recharge their emotional batteries.

This can leave some people feeling dumped or that their Pisces is not invested in the relationship, but Pisces people really are. They do best with people who understand their need to be helpers, and also the fact they need to do self-care on their own terms.


Librans and Pisces can make great friends as long as they respect one another’s need to request when they want each other’s help. Librans are focused on justice, and they offer advice even when it is not asked for, and Pisces people will appreciate their Libra waiting for them to request advice.

Librans appreciate their Pisces’ empathic abilities, but won’t want their Pisces to just step in and start analyzing them aloud. However, imagine what a perfect team these two will make with those gifts. They can combine their abilities to help people, and be very satisfied with their successes together. They can form an amazing long-term bond if they balance their abilities and work as a team.


Sagittarians pride themselves on being honest, but their honesty can be brutal, and Pisces people do not appreciate that one bit. Sagittarians can also brag about their successes, and while Pisces men and women are more than happy to acknowledge a job well done, they find bragging revolting and won’t stand around and listen to it. Both of these signs can be complete animals between the sheets, however, and this sexual chemistry can keep them together. If the Sagittarian can emotionally connect to their Pisces, these two can have a long, happy bond.


So what are each zodiac sign’s worst matches? Truthfully, any sign can butt heads with another. Certain signs' natural tendencies grate on the nerves of other signs, but these things are not necessarily dealbreakers. If people really love each other, things can be worked out, and relationships, even between signs said to be incompatible, can be wonderful in the long-term.

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