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What Is Black Magic and Spell Ethics?

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
July 24, 2023
What Is Black Magic and Spell Ethics?
What Is Black Magic and Spell Ethics?

Nearly every time somebody says they do spell work, somebody speaks up and cautions them about the evils of doing magic. It is called unnatural, an abomination before a god, or it is said that spells can open a gate, portal, or doorway to a terrifying dimension human beings could be carried away to, never to be heard from again.

Others will whisper that pentacles and Ouija dangers are the only thing to be careful of, and that things like remote viewing and clairvoyance are perfectly alright. Then there are people who say there is no good or evil magic, but the one doing the spell work can be a good or evil person. So, who is right, and what are the ethics of doing magic?

Unless you study magic from a particular magical tradition, as you learn more about magic, you may wonder what the ethics of casting spells are. You may be left to assign your own spiritual meaning to different spells, and listening to what different people say might confuse you. On one hand, there are people who claim that all magic is malevolent and on the opposite side, there are people who say that all magic is acceptable to do.

In the middle are people who say some magic is good, and some is evil, but even then, there is disagreement about which is which. Chances are, you will be left to decide for yourself what is good magic and what magic should be avoided.

How do you decide the ethics of a spell, though? What standards should you rely upon? Before deciding, it is important to define exactly what magic is, and take a look at some differing viewpoints on what makes magic good or bad. What is black magic to begin with, though, and how can you remove it if you feel somebody has cast a spell on you? Then there are things to consider in different magical scenarios. What are the ethics of love spells and communicating with the dead? What about conjuring up malevolent entities or doing bindings and curses? Read on to learn more.

What is Magic?

What is Magic?

Magic is defined as moving energy in conformity with your will. That means making a change in energy to create a change in your life. This can be anything from casting a spell to getting a job done, to a spell that gets rid of an annoying neighbor. Itcan also be saying a prayer to a deity for healing or doing things to try and make yourself so unnoticeable, which counts as an invisibility working. Everyday magic can be used in simple waysby doing affirmations, and by creating illusions of what you want people to believe, so they react favorably to you. These simple things don’t necessarily require structured spells to make them happen, and magic is something you probably do all the time without even knowing you are doing it.

What magic isn’t is making a wish for something and expecting the universe to hand it to you just because you want it. Magic takes work, and it takes a long time to manifest sometimes, but magic is real. Sometimes, magic is used to give positive energy to a colleague who is struggling. Bringing positive energy into your life can be the only form of magic you use, but it is still powerful magic. Preparing a favorite meal for a friend who is visiting magically makes your emotional bonds stronger, and wearing perfume somebody dislikes in order to repel them is another way to use magic.

Some people are shocked by human beings’ power to manifest things with magic, and they feel it is wrong. Other people are thankful for that ability, and they feel magic is a sacred ability that should not be misused for selfish, or cruel purposes. Then there are people who don’t feel other people have the right to impose beliefs on them, and they use magic in ways they feel is right for them. Religious organizations have beliefs about magic, but not everybody is religious. The concept of evil seems to transcend religions, and the topic is debated by people around the world. What is evil and what is good, and what do some philosophies have to say about it?

What is Good and Evil?

What is Good and Evil?

The definition of good is something that is morally right.In magic, some people say good magic is beneficial and evil magic is not because it causes harm. However, who is to decide what benefits or harms? Is it beneficial to use death spells on murderers who the law is not stopping, or beneficial to stand back and hope the murders stop? Is it beneficial to use a spell to control someone who won’t leave you alone by using a cord cutting spell, or does that infringe on their right to choose? What is the moral way to use magic? Some philosophies from the Wiccan Rede and the Left-hand Path as well as Thelema offer views.

The Rede

“An it harm none, do what ye will” is something the Wiccan Rede counsels in life in general, but also in the application of magic. Do all Wiccans follow the Rede? No, they don’t, but those who do believe it is wrong to deliberately cause harm. It is fair to say that things can cause harm even if you don’t intend for them to. So, using curses that work instantly would be against the Rede, but a cord cutting ritual would be okay. Each situation is different with spells, so if you are going to follow the Wiccan Rede, think before casting spells if they will cause harm or not.

The Left-hand Path

Those who follow Left-hand Path disciplines are sometimes accused of being against morality, but the fact is, they have their own concepts of what is moral, and they reject taboos. They often focus on self-work rather than trying to grow closer to a deity, and they do not seek to avoid punishments or gain rewards from a higher power. They decide what they feel is right for them to do, and some Left-hand Path practitioners do not care if what they do bothers others, as long as it is right for them. Furthermore, they do not allow other people to impose standards upon them, and they question established morality.


Thelema is a religion that teaches that people’s main goal should be working towards their Higher Will and to become their Higher Selves. This means that if something does not help you to attain those goals, you should not do it. This does not advocate selfishness or being untrustworthy, however, and it is considered a sign of weakness to be self-centered. The goal of Thelema is not to revolt against society, but to be your best self in the truest way possible. Concern for others is imperative in Thelema, but you should never allow yourself to be trapped in a reality that does not support who you really are.

Is Black Magic Real?

Is Black Magic Real?

Black magic was defined in 1456 by Johannes Hartlieb as use of the supernatural for selfish or evil purposes. He proclaimed seven forms of divination to be forbidden, including necromancy, or magic and divination done by communication with the dead. Today, the term denotes malevolent magic done with intent to harm, and often done through the aid of evil spirits. Some people consider any curse to be black magic, and magic to do things like heal or bless is called “white magic.” Some people consider black magic to be impossible, but if black magic entails communication with the dead, plenty of psychic mediums will tell you they speak to the dead all the time.

Others do not believe that spirits can inflict harm, so to them, it is therefore impossible for somebody to get the aid of spirits to do malevolent magic. Then again, if it is possible for a human being to do magic without the aid of spirits by doing things like astral projection to visit somebody in sleep, then it is possible for a human being to send both positive and negative energy to somebody when they do astral travel.

Some people would call this black magic. Another term to describe this is maleficum, which is any form of malevolent magic used to cause harm to a person or their property, and it is believed by some that maleficum could even result in death. One famous case was about a Dame Alice Kyteler in Ireland in the 14th century, who was accused of using maleficum to poison three of her husbands.

Is black magic real? The evidence suggests that it could be, but it essentially comes down to what you truly believe as a magical practitioner.

Is There a Spell on Me?

The most effective way to put a spell on someone is to do so and give no indication that you have done so, but some people brag about their magic spells they cast on other people, and that makes it very obvious who has done spell work if you feel magic has been worked against you. However, sometimes you believe magic has been placed on you, and you are not sure who did this.

The person doing the magic has to establish some sort of energy connection to you in order to work the magic, and sometimes, that is easily done by somebody who knows you, or has some form of contact with you. First, ask yourself if you are certain it is a spell or if something simply happened to go wrong. Things go wrong in life all the time, and it has nothing to do with magic. 

If they suddenly become interested in getting tiny details about exactly what is happening when they had no interest before, you might wonder why they want the details. This is especially telling if there has been some form of a falling out or if they flat out told you they would get revenge for something. Magic for vengeance is not against the law, and you can’t stop people from sending malevolent energy your way, but you can find out if they are just nosey or if they have, indeed, cast a negative spell on you.

If this is a family member, friend or associate, you will have some form of energy connection to them. Even if this is a co-worker, you will have an energy connection through your work. You can access this connection to do a little bit of detective work. Sit comfortably and go quietly into meditation in the way you feel comfortable. If you have never meditated before, find a quiet, peaceful place and clear your thoughts for a few moments. When you are relaxed, visualize the person who you believe used magic on you, and visualize your connection as a string or cord that attaches you to one another. Then quietly pay attention to the energy coming from them into the cord that connects you.

Is the energy angry, or sad? Is it loving or jealous energy? Go even further into the connection and focus on learning the thoughts they have towards you. Do they wish you harm, or are they just upset about something? Have they said untrue things about you, poisoning other people against you, or betrayed your trust in some other way? Are they talking about how much better on the job they are than you, and trying to take the promotion that is rightfully yours?

Have they given a false image to you of who they really are, and it has made you grow closer to them than you would if you had known who they truly are? Have they put a binding or curse on you? If your meditation reveals they have somehow cast a spell on you, there is something you can do about it. You can remove or break the spell they cast.

How to Remove Black Magic

How to Remove Black Magic

The simplest ways to remove malevolent, or any other kind of magic, is to either dissolve the energy from it, or send it back to the person who cast the spell. Some people would insist that sending someone’s magic back to them is unethical if it is negative magic, but the energy belongs to them, not you. You are not casting a spell, but you are simply sending their energy back to them where it came from. Visualize the magic as being plugged into you, digging deep within you.

Then visualize reaching inside yourself, and simply extracting the energy, and then releasing it back to where it came from. Because it made its way to you through the connection you two have, the energy will travel right back to them. This can also act as a “getting over someone” spell, because you have removed the magic and the energy connection you had together. Whether you choose to reconcile and reestablish that connection in the future is up to you, but you are never required to reconcile with someone who wished you harm, even if they apologize.

Another way to break a spell somebody has cast on you is to simply dissolve the energy. Meditation will be the way you find this energy. In a quiet place, sit comfortably, and do a psychic scan of your whole body and your energy. Check every nook and cranny of your mind, heart, spirit, and your physical body, checking for every bit of energy that is there. The moment you see energy that you do not recognize, quietly analyze it.

If you feel it is not good energy, visualize it dissolving the moment you want it to. By dissolving foreign energy that you do not like, you get rid of it immediately, and you won’t have to worry about it coming back. This can function as another cutting cords ritual, to break energy cords that bind you to people who you believe have sent you negative energy.

Spell Ethics

Spell Ethics

While we cannot preach ethics, or tell you want to believe about magic, we can provide some things to consider when you are deciding whether to do a certain spell or not. What are the things to think about when it comes to love spells or communication with the dead? What about conjuring up energies that are not considered to be kind to humans? Finally, what are some things to keep in mind about bindings and curses?

Forbidden Love Magic

Do love binding spells work? Yes and no. You cannot make somebody truly love you, but you can use magic to force them to stay and tolerate a relationship with you when they say they don’t want to. The question to ask yourself when doing spells to try to force a lover to stay is, do you really want them to be forced to stay with you, risking them hating you? Wouldn’t you rather respect their feelings, and wish them well as they leave to find their true happiness?

Shackling the two of you together will hold both of you back from true love. It’s not fun to feel alone when somebody who you desire is around, but forcing a relationship is the worst form of loneliness. If you love them, you can let them go, and open yourself to welcoming a lover who will love you back.

Communicating with the Dead

Terrified people will swear that communication with the dead results in demonic possession or eternal damnation, but people speak to their beloved dead all the time. Saying “Happy Birthday Mom” on the day your deceased mother would have celebrated her birthday had she not passed away, or asking your grandfather who has passed away to visit you in a dream to give you advice. These are both beautiful ways to keep communication open with your dead loved ones.

Despite some people’s fear of death and the dead in general, there is no proof that it is harmful to communicate with the dead, just make sure to communicate respectfully. Do not place demands on the dead for favors or messages, and don’t get angry if they don’t answer you as quickly as you want them to. Loving, respectful conversations with your ancestors is a normal part of remembering them, and they will be happy to hear from you.

Summoning Negative Entities

Nobody can decide for you whether you want to bring people or spirits around you that do not have good intentions, but there is something to keep in mind. Many magical grimoires spell out ways to summon a plethora of spirits, all of whom are supposed to have the power to grant wishes to anybody powerful enough to control them. What makes you think you have that form of power?

Like you cannot control nasty people, you may have no control of what spirits do. Just because you ask or demand a spirit do something after you summon them does not mean they will not harm you. Consider very carefully if it is worth the risk of harm to yourself and those around you to invite in a malevolent entity. Be prepared to accept whatever consequences come about if you decide to contact said malevolent beings.


A binding is a spell you use to make a certain behavior stop. You can use it on other people, and you can use it on yourself. An example of this is the “freezer spell”. You take some sort of thing that represents the person whose behavior you want to stop, and you place that representation into the freezer. This represents a “freeze” in the behavior. You can also bind or tie up a piece of paper with their name written on it.

Use a string or piece of thread that is red, black, or white, because these colors represent magic in general, and tie up the piece of paper, which will bind, or prevent them from repeating the behavior. A reverse binding is a separation spell, and cutting images of somebody you want to separate from out of pictures with you is a way to do this. Is it ethical to remove somebody or prevent them from doing things? If they are harming you in any way, this can act as protection and need not be considered malevolent or immoral magic.


Curses are another form of magic, and a hot topic for debate. Some people say curses are designed to inflict harm, and others say they are used to punishing people when justice has not been served. If somebody has broken into your house and stolen valuable things, but the police won’t arrest you because you don’t have proof that they are the ones who did it, a spell to make them lose everything they gained from the robbery may seem fair.

If somebody said they did not like your new hairstyle, and you want to do a curse to make all of their hair fall out because it made you angry, that might be excessive. Spells used to hurt people when you are angry or hurt might be something you regret later. Wait until you have calmed down and can make rational decisions before doing any magical operations, to ensure you don’t do spells you later decide you shouldn’t have.


So, what is good magic, and what is black magic? Is black magic real? Nobody seems to be able to agree. The truth is, nobody can tell you what is wrong or right, and you will have to decide for yourself what magic you feel belongs with your personal magical practices. Each time you do magic, think about the intention, and afterward, evaluate the results. Your conscience will tell you what it is that is right, and your magic will decide what kind of magical practitioner you are. Follow your heart and your magic will be powerful.

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