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New Moon Spells and Rituals

Lady Saoirse
By Lady Saoirse
September 18, 2023
New Moon Spells and Rituals
New Moon Spells and Rituals

Moon magic is very popular, and some people make sure they do magic during every Full Moon, but did you know the New Moon holds great magic too? Each phase of the Moon has its own power and special magic can be worked on each of those days. Some people work whatever magic they want to no matter what the heavenly bodies are doing, but harnessing the power of the Moon is best done when you are aware of which magic works best with each phase. Today, we will discuss the power of the New Moon, and cover these topics:

  • New Moon Power
  • New Moon Circle
  • New Moon Rituals
  • New Moon Magic

A lot of people have not heard of the New Moon, and they might wonder why magic that is specifically done during that moon phase is so special. Read on to find out how harnessing the power of the New Moon can make you and your magic extra powerful.

New Moon Power

New Moon Power

What is the New Moon, and what is its meaning? The New Moon is the first lunar phase, and during this time, the sun and moon are aligned.The moon is also positioned between the earth and the sun, and is not noticeable to the naked eye during the New Moon.

Soon after the New Moon begins, the moon is waxing or growing, and it first becomes noticeable as a small sliver in the sky. It waxes until the Full Moon, and after the moon is full, it wanes, or shrinks in visibility. During all these moon phases, it is believed different magic is more effective when using the energy of the moon.

New Moon magic is believed to have the most power on the day the moon is new, the day before, and the day after. This allows people to use special New Moon magic for up to three days, allowing plenty of time to harness the power of that moon phase. Some people don’t believe it is practical to spread their New Moon magic for that long, and instead, they watch moon guides for the exact days and times when the moon is new.

They do their magic as close to the exact moment the moon is new, and don’t do New Moon Magic any other time if they can help it. Some people focus on doing magic when the moon is full, because of a special poem called The Charge of the Goddess. Because of this, some people only work magic on the Full Moon.

Other people choose to do their most powerful magic during the New Moon, because it is believed when the moon is in its first phase, it is the best time to do magic for new beginnings. People will set their intentions for goals they work towards until the next New Moon and use the energy of this moon phase to help give them the desire, drive, and strength to succeed.

There are countless ways to do this kind of magic, and while some people prefer to do their magic on the New Moon by themselves because it is so personal, others prefer to share their magic with a group. You will have to decide if circling with other people is right for you, or if you prefer to do personal rituals or simple New Moon spells.

New Moon Circle

New Moon Circle

There are different groups of people who gather for New Moon Circles, and oftentimes, they have a set way of doing their New Moon magic. If you belong to a group, but you don’t already have a New Moon ritual in place, you can always use the following simple ritual. Begin by building an altar, next cast a Circle, and then use the power of the moon.

Build an Altar

Begin by setting up an altar, or ritual working space with the five elements of magic which are Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. Your altar can be a table or just a spot on the ground. Just make sure to set up your altar someplace where you will not be disturbed during your ritual. Public spaces surrounded by strangers are a bad idea, but a quiet corner of your backyard can often work well.

You can also reserve private spaces at parks or even do your ritual indoors for added privacy. Some people don’t want to do moon magic indoors, but the weather might be cold, rainy, or extremely hot, but the moon still shares its energy, even if you are under a roof.

East Side of a New Moon Altar

You should have something that represents the element of Air at the East side of the altar. This can be something as simple as a stick of incense or a feather. It can also be glass, which contains nothing but air.

South Side of a New Moon Altar

On the South side of the altar, there should be something that represents the element of Fire, and this can be a red candle or even an electronic candle if having a fire is not a good idea.

West Side of a New Moon Altar

On the West side, there should be something that represents the element of Water, and a small bowl of water or even a seashell can work for this. 

North Side of a New Moon Altar

Finally, in the North, you should have something that represents the element of Earth. Many use some salt, soil, a piece of moss, or even a live plant for this.

Cast a Circle

Next you’ll want to a cast a circle. Casting a Circle can be done with a simple blessing of the space, such as “We bless this space with the power of our own magic as we stand upon this sacred earth and reach out to the moon together. May the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth protect us, and combine with our energy and the power of the moon to create powerful magic.

How to Close the Circle

Some people prefer to close the Circle, and that can be done in a very simple way. Pick up the representation of the element of Air, and at the East, begin to walk clockwise in a circle around the altar with it saying, “I cast this Circle with the power of Air, the breath of life that is within everything.” Make sure to walk in a large enough circle to provide ample space for all attendees to move around comfortably as you do this.

Replace the air representative when you return to the spot where you began and pick up the representation of the element of Fire, and just like you did for air, walk clockwise beginning at the East, and say, “I cast this Circle with the power of fire, the passionate life giving bringer of magic.

Then replace that when you finish and pick up the representative of the element of Water and again starting at the East walk clockwise with it and say, “I cast this Circle with water, the power of love and emotions that nourishes the earth and our very souls.”

Replace that when you finish and pick up the representation of the element of Earth, walking clockwise just as you did for the other three elements, and say “I cast this Circle with the power of earth, the planet where all life exists and that which gives us the determination to manifest our magic.

The purpose of doing a closed Circle is to have complete control of the energy and spirits that may enter your space and join you. Casting a Circle creates an invisible energy boundary that nothing can cross without your permission.

Whichever way you prefer is the best way for you to do it. Once your altar is built, you know your intent, and you cast your Circle or have your open Circle blessed, it will be time to channel the magic of the moon.

Harness the Moon

There are different ways to draw the power of the New Moon to you. The simplest way is just to believe the moon is powerful, and its energy is everywhere, so calling the moon’s magic would not be necessary then. Some people prefer to ask the New Moon for its energy to come to them.

When you have welcomed the energy of the New Moon to your ritual working space, take turns speaking your magical intention. As you state your intention and goal, focus on the energy of the New Moon filling you with strength and giving you an extra boost of energy and magic to help you be successful.

Once everybody has taken their turn, you can take down your circle by saying, “We thank the power of the New Moon for sharing its magic with us and empowering us to be our best selves, so we may be victorious. We thank the powers of the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth for being in this circle.” Afterward, a gift to the moon of some water or wine poured into the ground can be given to express your gratitude.

New Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

There are plenty of simple New Moon rituals you can do. You can do a candle lighting ceremony or make a sacrifice. You can also ask the New Moon for revelations.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

For this ceremony, you will light three small candles that burn out quickly. Birthday cake candles or short burning tealight candles work well. The color of the candles can be either silver or white because those colors represent the moon. Set up your ritual space however you feel is best.

Again, you can be outdoors under the New Moon, or inside for more privacy or to be protected from the weather. Still your mind and visualize yourself as a citizen of the earth, and then visualize yourself spiritually opening yourself to the power of the New Moon.

Light the first candle and say, “With the light of this candle, I call out to the New Moon. Hear me and join your magic with mine.

Then, give the moon a moment to respond. When you feel the moon has opened its magic to you, light the next candle, and say, “With the light of this candle, our magic is joined.”

Then say out loud which magic you want to work. Share all the specific details you can think of, and when you have finished, light the final candle and say “New Moon, I thank you for your magic, please accept this candle as a gift, and may its light warm your heart as your magic has warmed mine.” Let all three candles burn down and go out and work toward your magic.

Making a Sacrifice

An easy way to do magic on the New Moon is to give up something. You won’t need to cast a Circle, involve other people, or give gifts to the New Moon. You will be using the power of the New Moon to give up something that is not helpful to you. It might be a relationship that you have grown past, or it might be a bad habit you know you must give up to grow as a person.

Find a small thing that represents what you are giving up. If you want to give up smoking, take a used match you lit tobacco with. If you want to give up a relationship, a small piece of paper with the person’s name on it is good to use.

Find a place in nature where you can dig a small hole to bury something, and doing so won’t disturb any wildlife or plants. Under the New Moon, kneel and dig your hole. Sit by the hole for a moment, and really think about what it is you are giving up and the positive change this sacrifice will bring into your life. Think very carefully about whether you are truly ready for this change and to completely commit to this sacrifice.

Once you know you are ready, quietly bury whatever represents the sacrifice. Then speak to the New Moon and say, “I freely sacrifice this for the sake of a better life for myself. I release myself from this, and I open myself to the power of a better future.” Then visualize the New Moon filling you with strength. Walk away from what you are leaving behind and into your bright future.

Asking For Revelations

The New Moon can also be a time of expanding your awareness and gaining new understanding of things. Simply ask the New Moon to grant you this awareness and then wait for it to answer.

A simple way to do this is alone and in a place of sanctuary. If you go to a church, temple, mosque, or other sacred space, this can be done there, but it can also be done in the peaceful solitude of a corner of the forest or even your own sacred space at home.

Still your mind and visualize your heart and mind being bathed in the power of the New Moon’s magic. Say, “Open my mind and heart to the messages I need to receive. May I listen and understand all I need to by the time of the next New Moon.” The universe has subtle ways of revealing truths, but the answers will come.

New Moon Magic

New Moon Magic

Rituals and Circles aside, what are the best kinds of magic to do during the New Moon? Any magic for new beginnings is good, but there are a few kinds of magic that are very powerful during the New Moon. You can work toward manifesting goals and striving for success. You can ask for help with your own personal growth. Not only that, but you can also do prosperity magic during the New Moon.


Magic focused on manifesting your goals is perfect New Moon magic. A simple way to do this is to write a plan under the New Moon. Light a single white or silver candle and write out every bit of your plan. Write out every detail you can think of, taking as long as you need. After you write everything out, stand and read your plan to the New Moon.

After reading everything, use the candle to light the plan on fire and say, “New Moon, give me the drive to get my plan in motion, and give me the energy, magic, and ability to make my goals manifest.” After the paper is finished burning, release the ashes to the wind and say to the New Moon, “We will make it happen.” Then go out, empowered with the energy of the New Moon, and make that magic manifest!

Personal Growth

For personal growth, you can harness the power of the New Moon, and the power of green growing things to make that magic happen. Under the New Moon, take a flowerpot, soil, and a plant or a seed. Say, “New Moon, it is time for me to grow. I must expand, improve, and be a better version of myself. I share my magic with this tiny plant, so as it grows, I will too. Give us your strength, so we may grow, bloom, and be stronger every day. So be It.

Once you feel the New Moon has sent some of its magic into the seed or plant, go ahead and plant it in the soil. Water and nourish it, and as it grows, your personal growth, too, will thrive.


Most of us would like more money, more abundant resources, better health, and more good things in general in our lives. Think about what area of your life you would like to have more prosperity in. Then light a green or gold candle, both representing growth and wealth, place an apple, representing abundance, in nature as an offering, and place a jar or bowl of water under the New Moon, so it can absorb the power of the New Moon.

You can place the water in a windowsill if you don’t have a safe place outside to put it. If it is raining on the New Moon, collect some rainwater. Place a citrine crystal to help draw prosperity in the water. Light your candle and say to the New Moon “Bless this water with the power to draw wealth, health, happiness, and long life to me.“ Then use the blessed water to rub on your body or bathe in to help you be more prosperous.


New Moon magic is not as well-known as Full Moon magic, but it is just as powerful. Some people who do New Moon workings only do magic during the New Moon and focus all their energy on working towards the magical goals they set for themselves during that time.

Now is as good a time as any to start a new magical practice! Cast your Circle with soul kin, discard old ways of being and make room for new things, and cast New Moon spells for prosperity. The New Moon’s energy can join with yours and make your magic even more powerful.

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